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Mark Renfroe Family
Taken about 1909

William Mark Renfroe is the son of Joesph L. and Martha Bradley Renfroe. He was born December 5, 1868 near Snowball, Ar. He married Mary Adeline Wortman in 1889. She died and he married Mary's neice, Marilda Honeycutt, about 1907.
William Mark Renfroe @ Rootsweb
Seated Mark and Marilda Honeycutt Renfroe; older young man William Morton Renfroe; older young lady is Tocccoa Renfroe; next oldest girl is Martha Elizabeth; girl with black hose is Beulah Renfroe; the two young boys are Hobart (oldest) and Mainord Renfroe; the barefoot girl is Eunice and the baby is Marcus Clayton. Marcus Clayton is the only child belonging to both parents.

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