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Jones and White Family
Paul Frank Jones
Son of Leroy Jones and Rosetta Carey Jones
Louise White
Daughter of William Irvin White
Fairland, OK.

Paul Frank Jones is the son of Leroy and Rosetta Carey Jones. Rosetta is the daughter of Thomas and Jamina C. Roberts Jones Carey. Leroy is the son of Thomas Bird Jones. Thomas Bird Jones is the son of William Jones. William Jones is the son of James Jones and Mary Standridge.
Louise White is the son of William Irvin White. William is the son of Josiah White (born Dec. 13, 1859) and Ida Hampton. Josiah is the youngest son of William White and Mary Jones White. Mary Jones White is the daughter of James and Mary Standridge Jones. William White is the son of Charles and Anna Flippo White. Ida Ann Hampton is the daughter of Joel Turney and Mattie Cotton Hampton. Joel is the son of Johnson W. and Nancy Turney Hampton. Johnson is the son of Joel and Elizabeth Page Hampton. This picture was provided to me by Jayne Bradley, daughter of Lee and Louise Spurgeon. Jayne's mother was William Irvin White, Sr's oldest daughter. Her first husband was Paul Frank Jones.

Jayne Bradley sent this information about Paul Jones--

Paul Jones was nine years older than Mom. He is in Sulphur Bend Cemetery. I think he is on one side of her. She married him at 17. Paul Jones was shot accidentally in gunfight between two people. Jake Robinson was the man who shot him and did prison time for it. I also heard Paul grew up as a street kid. He got 2 finders cut off as a teen in a fight.. He worked at Eagle Pitcher mine in Pitcher/Quawpaw.

She said they were childhood sweethearts and that he grew up "across the field". He looked like your picture of Drew Jones. He bought a Mickey Mouse Turnabout Cookie Jar for the girls when it first came out. It was clear glazed with paint over it because they didn't have colored glazes when it was made. Sharon has it in her home now.

Mary Jones White @ Rootsweb

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