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Oscar Stanridge & Nina Jones Standridge
Oscar is the son of Owen and Eugenia Arnold Standridge

Eugenia Standridge left Owen in October of 1885. Owen would not allow to take her two sons--Ocsar and Buchanan (Buck). She never saw either of them again. Below is a folder of letters she wrote to Oscar after they found each other. The letters are touching and full of saddness. Oscar's daughter Wilsie kept the letters in an envelop onwhich she wrote a message explaining the contents. Wilsie says she never saw her Grandpa Owen or Grandmother Eugenia.

When Eugenia left Owen, she was pregnant. She took one of Owen Standridge's son with her. She named this son James Franklin and he went by the last name of Wight as she married John Fitch Wight after she left Owen. Frank took his step-father's surname. Frank Wight was born in April 20,1886. Eugenia says in one of these letters that she left inOctober. Eugenia left James franklin with someone in Arkansas. She came to Arkansas from North Dakota in 1890 and he went back with her. She told his half brother John Wight that he born the train station in Dover, AR in December, 1890. Frank (Standridge) Wight said on his Social Security application that he was born in Dover, AR. As far as I know there was never a train station at Dover, AR. She must have meant Russellville.

This is the envelop Wilsie Standridge kept her Grandmother's letters to Oscar Standridge, her father. Below the picture of the envelop, I have posted an folder containing the letters and a copy of Buck Standridge's birth certificate. I think the letters are precious. She longed to see her sons once more.

Folder of Love Letters From Mother To Son!

Lemuel Owen Standridge was born 23 DEC 1856 and died Death: 11 MAR 1929 He is buried at Moore Cemetery, Newton County, AR.1 Lemuel Owen Standridge went by his middle name of Owen. He was also married two times. 1st. wife was Eugenia Arnold, and 2nd. wife was Nancy Freeman. Nancy is buried in Pope County, Arkansas, "God's Little Half Acre" near where she and Uncle Owen lived. Eugenia is buried in Whittier, CA.

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