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Martin Jones
Son of Elizabeth Jones Hampton
Brother of Andy Hampton

This picture was shared with me by Vineta Wingate and was given to her by Coowesta Ann Colby of Vinita, OK. Martin R. Jones sometimes went by Hampton. He was born to Elizabeth Jones before she married Andrew Hampton. Martin Jones born about 1842 died Feb. 21, 1875 at Seneca, Newton MO. He married Frances Ann Witherspoon Oct. 16, 1865 in Green Co. MO. She was born September 26, 1846 in Catawba County, North Carolina died Oct. 15, 1928 in Denver, Carroll, AR , Frances parents were Hyle (Hoyle) Brown Witherspoon and Polly (Mary Susan) Carpenter. Martin had these children Theodore, Mary Elizabeth, Caldona and Margaret Charlotte Jones.

The story has been passed down that Elizabeth Jones had two children before she married. Martin was one of these. If she had a second son before her marriage to Hampton, I do not think he lived to adulthood.

Elizabeth Jones Hampton was the daughter of James Jones and Mary Standridge born about 1823 in Tennessee, probably Marion County. She came to Arkansas with her family in the late 1820s and early 1830s. She married Andrew Hampton, son of Joel Hampton and Elizabeth Page, before 1850. Andrew died during the Civil War. Elizabeth was readmitted to the Cherokee Nation in 1888. She is on the "Old Settler" Roll.

According to her Indian Records, Martin Jones only had the kids by Fannie Witherspoon. Fannie's mother was a sister to Betty Renfroe's and Fleta Aday's Great (many) Grandfather William Wesley Carpenter. Martin Jackson Jones (this Martin's first cousin) married Wm. Wesley Carpenter's daughter Mary Susan Carpenter. So Martin's ancestors are related to both Betty Renfroe and her husband as are the ancestors of Mary Susan Carpenter (first cousin to Frances Witherspoon) and Andy Hampton!!!

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