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Rhoda Catherine Jones Hurley Smith's
daughter Janie Hurley Mathis and her family
Wife of Andrew Mathis

left to right back row: Janie Hurley Mathis, John, Andrew Mathis, Lottie, and Albert Barnes (Andrew sister's son),
Middle Row: Gertie and Clarence
Mildred Blaylock and Pansy (Lottie's daughter)
Rhoda Jones @ Rootsweb

Rhoda Catherine Jones is the daughter of William JOnes and Sarah Margaret Blevins. William is the son of James and Mary STandridge JOnes. Sarah is the daughter of Squire Blackie and Rhoda Standridge Blevins. In 1860, Rhoda Catherine is listed with the Squire Blevins family in Carroll Co. AR. She is 10 years old. In 1870, Rhoda is married to Ben Hurley and listed in Kings River Twnship of Carroll Co. with Rebecca Hurley's family. Ben is the son of Valentine and Rebecca Hurley.
This picture was shared by Rhonda Mathis. Rhonda was given the picture by Wanda Mathis Chilton. Thanks to both for sharing this special photo with us!

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