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Cherokee Nation Re-Enrollment Document

Of the daughters of Mary Standridge Jones
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Elizabeth Jones Hampton and Mary Jones White
Asking to be readmitted to the Cherokee Nation
June 30, 1888

Now on this the June 30, 1888, come the above entitled case up for final hearing. The case having been submitted by Bell and Bryan, attorneys for applicants, on the 28th. After a careful investigation of all the evidence, both oral and documentary, submitted by plaintiff, also the Old Settler Payroll of Cherokees made in the year 1851, find for the Plaintiff for these reasons; to wit: First: That the name James Jones, from whom the above applicants have proven a lineal descent, appear upon the Old Settler Pay Roll of Cherokees, made in the year 1851, and numbered theron 57, and further, that the names of Polly white and Elizabeth Hampton, daughters and William Jones, also Martin Jones, now dead, sons of the said James Jones, together with Andrew Hampton, Thomas B. Jones, and Mary White, childredn of Polly White, Elizabeth Hampton and William Jones and grand-children of James Jones, all appear upon the Old Settler Payroll of 1851. Secondly: That James Jones took a reservation under the terms of the Treaty of 1817 on the Tennessee River in the state of Tennesssee, Department of the United States. Thirdly: The attention of the Commission is called to an act of the National Council, approved November 16, 1849, Which reads: Be it enacted by the National Council. That James Jones be and he is hereby privileged to return to the Cherokee Nation with his family and reside, and is admitted to the enjoyment of the rights and privileges of citizenship of this Nation. Tahlequah, November 16, 1849. Aproved Jno. Ross. Therefore, we the Commission of Citizenship, a body duly created under the provisions of an act of the National Council, approved Dec. 8, 1886, and rejecting or re-admitting applicants for citizenship, who shall have filed their applications in due season, under the 7th Section of the above act, and the amendment to said act in relation to Old Settler applicants, approved February 7, 1888, do declare the Polly White, Elizabeth Hampton, Thomas Jones and his nine children, William H. Artelia, Leroy A., John S., Hatta H.C., Betsy E, J.H., Joel, and Arvilla Jones, and James E., William H., and J.S. White, and Mary Jane White, Eli Herod, Polly Brown, Mont Smith, John Smith, and Eliza Smith, and Joseph S. Herod and his two sisters, and brother, Elzena, William W, and Lousia Bell Herold and James Joel Jones, son of Margaret Jones, dead, and Andrew W. Hampton, William C. Mattie J. and Clary May Hampton, and Alabama Hampton, and Emily Jones and Catherine Hurley and her child Jancy Hurley, Theodore Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Caldonia Jones, and Margaret A. Jones, and Sarah Ann Blaylock and her four children : Mary Elizabeth, Milly Jane, Artella, and Lotta Ann Blaylock, and Ruth Ann Atchison, and Josiah White, are entitled to all the rights and privileges of Cherokees by virture of such blood, and are herby re-admitted as such. J.T. Adair, Chairman and D.W. Lipe, Commissioner

Note by Betty: This document was shared by Sherlyn Greaves, great great granddaughter of Mary Standridge Jones. Elizabeth Jones Hampton and Mary Jones White were asking to be re-enrolled in the Cherokee Nation. Their claim was proven and accepted.
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