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Joseph Humphrey
Taken probably when about 40

Joseph Humprey is the son of William and Esther Moulton Humphrey. He was born in the County of Cambridge, Parish of Haddenham, England on March 24, 1848. He was christened and is listed in the Register of Baptism in the Parish of Haddenham, County of Cambridge, Isle of Ely in December of 1848.
His family had crossed the ocean to America by 1860, as the family was listed in the census Niagara County, New York in that year. William is 33; Esther, 32; George 15; Joesph, 13; Salina, 10, Sarah J., 8; Thomas, 4; and Elizabeth, 1. Thomas is listed as born in the United States, along with Elizabeth. The rest in England. George Moulton, age 28, resides with the family. He is likely Eshter's brother.

The age of Joseph is in question. On the New York census, 1860, he is listed as 13. On the Haddenham, England census 1851, he is listed as 5. His birth was between 1845 and 47. Joseph Humphrey @ Rootsweb

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