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Howard Standridge's DEath Certificate
Showing his parents' names as Lem Standridge and Aggie Blevins

Joe Howard Standridge gave the information on his father, Howard Standridge, to Dr. Linton in 1949. He said Howard's father was Lem Standridge and his mother was Aggie Blevins.
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We know Peggy Standridge's name was Margaret Standridge. She is buried at Scissom Cemetery, Newton Co. AR. and has a headstone. I think Joe said Peggy and Doc Linton understood Aggie...anyway, we now know that Lem was married to a Blevins. Peggy Blevins was kin in some way to Squire Blackie Blevins who married Lem's sister, Rhoda. Notice Howard died of drinking too much wild cat whiskey. If you live to be 88, perhaps we should all try it! C. L. Boyd said that Uncle Howard was not an alcholic and did not drink too excess.

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