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Frazier Bennett Family
Ruth Herod Frazier of White Oak, OK 1912 or 1913
Ruth--daughter of Delema Adeline Jones and Josiah Herod.
Delema--Granddaughter of James and Mary Standridge Jones.

This photo was taken in early 1913--not long before John Bennett's birth. They are Buck P. Frazier (1894-1909, Enoch Frazier (in rocker), Ruth Herod Frazier (in chair), unknown baby on lap but baby is likely little Ira Frazier who passes away in July of 1913, dog, Harry Herod (Heard) in suspenders, Sherman Bennett (plaid shirt), unknown little girl, unknown big girl, another unknown child, Roy Bennett, Sarah Bennett (daughter of Ruth Frazier), and Sarah's husband John Bennett.

Buck Frazier is in the picture hanging beside Enoch Frazier He was Enoch and Ruth's first born. He died after the picture was taken. He was shot while on horse back in White Oak, OK. It was supposed to have been a accident. This was copied from a Book about White Oak. The book has Buck's age wrong. He was born June 8, 1894 and died April 15, 1909. He was just short of 15 years old. I am sure Ruth and Enoch never got over his death!!

Sarah Bennett was the daughter of Ruth Herod by her first married to an William Jeff Atchison of Taney Co.,Mo. Sarah married John Bennett.

This picture was shared by Calvin Harkrader. He is a Great Grandson of Ruth Herod Frazier and son of Rovie Damron Harkrader.
Delema Jones Herod @ Rootsweb

This picture is dedicated to Rovie Damron Harkrader and shared by her son Calvin--proud Cherokee!

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