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Cowboy Joe Frazier

Son of Ruth Herod
Ruth is the daughter of Delema Adeline Jones and Josiah Herod.
Delema is the Granddaughter of James and Mary Standridge Jones.

Joe Frazier is the son of Ruth Herod and Enoch Frazier. He was born the year before Oklahoma became a state. His family moved to Colorado during the depression after losing their Indian land allotment.
Joe was a cowboy and half Cherokee Indian he spoke to his Grandson's class in 1990.
Mr. Frazier was born near Fairland, OK., Ottawa County.
This picture was shared by Calvin Harkrader. He is a grandson of Ruth Herod Frazier and son of Rovie Harkrader Damron.
Delema Jones Herod @ Rootsweb

This picture is dedicated to Rovie Damron Harkrader and shared by her son Calvin--proud Cherokee!

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