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Herod Family
Family of Ruth Herod
Ruth is the daughter of Delema Adeline Jones and Josiah Herod.
Delema is the Granddaughter of James and Mary Standridge Jones.

Two older girls are Rovie and Gertie; the dark headed woman next to them is Rosa and next to her is Nora Frazier. (They are daughters of Ruth Herod Frazier. Nora married a full blood Osage Indian and Rosa married ? Damron.)
The woman in the door is Ruth Herod Frazier, daughter of Josiah and Delema Jones Herod
The small children in front are unidentified. They are not Frazier or Herod children.
This picture was taken about 1930 on the way to Rocky Ford County, Col. where Ruth's family settled. Ruth Herod Frazier lived to be 86 years old.. Rosa Frazier Damron died at 38 because of complications after childbirth. Prior to moving west, Ruth's family lost their Cherokee land allotment because they could not even pay their taxes! When the Herod clan crossed Kansas from Oklahoma, they were completely destitute. One relative said they were completely out of food, but crossed when the corn was ripening and they lived off corn they gathered from fields they passed. The cabin was called a "chance cabin" and was similar to a homeless shelter today--a free place to live.
This picture was shared by Calvin Harkrader. He is a Great Grandson of Ruth Herod Frazier and son of Rovie Damron Harkrader.
Delema Jones Herod @ Rootsweb

This picture is dedicated to Rovie Damron Harkrader and shared by her son Calvin--proud Cherokee!

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