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Eliza Jane Blevins
With Two Grandchildren
She is Rhoda Standridge Blevins' Daughter!

Eliza Jane Blevins was born in January 1848 to Squire Blackie and Rhoda Standridge Blevins.
Aunt Betsy @ Rootsweb
Aunt Betsy's Headstone

Eliza Jane married George Washington Flippo, son of Thomas and Ann Flippo. Boone County A Probate Book, page 622, shows he died April 14, 1883, leaving Eliza Jane a widow with five minor children. Eliza Jane died in 1922. I notice a strong likeness to Eliza Jane Blevins and Elizabeth Standridge Felkins Jones Galyean. Was Peggy Blevins Standridge Squire Blackie Blevins sister?
This photo was shared by Angie Kellett. She states: "This is my great grandmother. The picture of her holding two children, I have in my possesion. The children she is holding are Wesley Mattox on her right and on her left is my Aunt Angie (Flippo) Travis. (May 2006)
Thank you for sharing the photo with all!

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