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Clara Rash Renfroe Family
Clara was raised by Wade Aday
She was an orphan.

Clara Rash married Francis Marion Renfroe. They moved to Ok. and he was murdered or died in an accident near the railroad there. The truth was never determined.
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Clara Rash is the daughter of Daniel Rash and Julia Ann Smith. When Daniel and Julia died on 12-8-1895 in Madison Co., AK, Leon and two of his sisters, Clara and Myrtle were taken in by Wade Blassingame Aday and Susan Cossey. Perhaps, Susan was in some way related to Julia Ann Smith. I found Julia Ann with her parents as a baby and her mother's name was Susan. .

Francis is the son of Joshua Benjamin Renfroe, who is the son of Joshua and Drucilla Jane Barnes Renfroe. His father, Josh, died during the Civil War. Jane Renfroe remarried to a Unknown Moore and William Manuel. Joshua married J. Anna Brown (daughter of John Dempsey Brown and Anna Crouch Brown) on Feb. 23, 1879 in Pope County, Ar. Josh and Anna lived near Appleton, Ar. until the 1920s when they moved to Webber Falls, Ok. and in the 1930s they moved on to near Sacramento, Ca. where their grandson said he remembered them living in a tent city and doing farm labor.

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