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Lydia Margaret Standridge
Charles Arter Cagle
Taken the day of their Wedding-March 16, 1865

Lydia was born Oct. 29, 1842 and Charlie, February 25, 1845.
She died Sept. 30, 1880 and he, December 20, 1924.
Lydia Margaret Standridge @ Rootsweb

Lydia took typhoid in Americus, Lyon County, Kansas in the fall of 1880. The family was returning from Idaho. They had went west with others of Newton County, Ar. but disease and death had convinced the group to turn back toward the Ozarks. Family members told that Charlie was broke and had no money for a proper burial. He even had a child a few days old to care for. He sold Lydia Margaret's long dark hair to a buggy whip maker. Her hair was used for plaiting buggy whips and he used the cash to bury her properly. He hired a wet nurse for his small child and headed his wagon toward Newton County, Ar.; now a widow with seven small children.

After returning to Arkansas, Charlie married second to Mary Tilley Standridge March 27, 1881. She experienced the same tragedy as he on the wagon train. Her spouse, G. Alexander Standridge and grandson of John and Mary E. Standridge, died of typhoid. Mary had a small child, but C. L. Boyd does not know if the child lived to adulthood. Lydia's two week old baby did survive. Mary was probably its wet nurse. Charlie and Mary had a family of eleven children and lived in Franklin County, Ar.

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