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Hello and welcome to the home page of Jeff and Angela Miller. This page is dedicated to my favorite hobby Genealogy... I  also dedicate this page to my Beloved Mother and friend Judy and my Great Aunt Ruth. No words can tell you what they both have meant to me and other members of the family. Judy and Ruth both started my journey down this path and helped me more they could have ever known. I was blessed to have them both in my life. Their insight and stories always intrigued me to dig deeper in the history of our Sprouse family. Finally I thank God, for whom without him none of this is possible. Remember your heritage, because without it, life is boring.


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              Judith Williams Miller (1946-2006)                                                    Ruth Sprouse Maupin (1913-1997)

A special thank you to my distant cousins, without there help I could not have been unable to complete my direct line of Sprouse's (well most of it).

Finally, to all of you who have made this page possible by sharing all your wonderful information over the years. 

2017 - Still Researching those Sprouse Brick Walls in Virginia

I have placed most of my Sprouse Cemetery Information /Photo's on "Findagrave"


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      The Sprouse surname is a comparatively rare name, and appears to be characteristic in origin. Research indicates that it can be associated with the English and Dutch, meaning, "one who spoke in a slow, drawling voice". The Sprouse name may have been spelled differently years ago. It is possible to find several different spellings. Language changes, carelessness and a high degree of illiteracy compounded the the number of ways a name might be spelled. Often the town clerk spelled the name the way it sounded to him. Some people Americanized their names when they came to this country so they would not be thought of as foreigners. Many new residents to America couldn't write their names, so officials wrote down what they thought they heard. Dictionaries of surnames indicate probable spelling variations of the Sprouse surname to be Sproul, Sproule, Sprowl, Sprowles, Spruce, Spruse, Spross, Sprosse, Sprout, and Sprouses. Bearers of the old distinguished Sprouse name comprise a small percentage of people living in the United States. There may be a large number of relatives who use one of the Sprouse name variations. (unknown source)


      The Sprouse Coat of Arms as well as the arms for most American names are associated primarily with European medieval culture and has been recorded in heraldic archives. Originally, Coat of Arms were issued to and registered for individuals. Under most heraldic rules, only first sons of first sons of the recipient of a Coat of Arms are permitted to bear their ancestor's arms. Younger sons may use a version of their father's arms, but the rules of heraldry say that they must be changed ("differed") somewhat. If the bearer of a Coat of Arms (called an "Arminger") dies without male heirs, his daughter may combine her father's arms with her husband's arms. This process is called "impaling". Because of the rules of heraldry there was undoubtedly more than one Sprouse Coat of Arms. (unknown source)

                     My Sprouse/Sprouce line who's name is seen spelled either way. Was first seen in the areas of current day Albemarle, Fluvanna, Goochland and Louisa counties in Virginia. It is also believed that these Sprouse families are the ancestors for many of the early Sprouse families in the United States.

            It has to be noted that a large portion of the records for the 1700's and 1800's in Virginia were destroyed between the 1770's and 1810's. This was during the very turbulent times during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Therefore only a sketchy picture has been able to be found on early members of the Sprouse family.

           In 1800 there is another Sprouse family that migrated to Albemarle County from Culpeper County after changing there name from Prout to Sprouse (reason for name change is unknown).                                             This family if known to the other Sprouse family, married into each other adding to the confusion.

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Other Families I'm researching include:       

Byerly  - 1700's Dauphin Co., Pa - Ross Co., Ohio 1800's  - Carder - 1700's Huntington Co., W.Va. - Ross Co., 1800's
Dale - 1800's -1900's Ray Co., Missouri - Drinkwine - 1800's - 1900's Wisconsin - Edlund - 1900's Wisconsin - Minnesota
Ford - 1800's - 1900's Ross Co., Ohio - Fulton - 1700's Ireland - Lancaster-Chester Co., Pa - Ross Co., Ohio 
Irwin - 1700's Ireland - Lancaster-Chester Co., Pa - Ross Co., Ohio - Keys - 1700' -1800's Ireland - Lancaster-Chester Co., Pa 
Langford/Lankford - 1700's - 1900's Virginia - Albemarle Co., Va. - Loofbourrow - 1600's - 1900's New Jersey - Penn - Ohio 
Maupin - 1600's - 1900's Virginia - Albemarle Co., Va. - Miller - 1800's Switzerland 1880's - 1900's Minnesota - Wisconsin
Thacker  - 1600's -1900's Virginia - Albemarle Co., Va. - Williams 1800's - 1900's Fayette, Pickaway, Ross Co., Ohio

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