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Janet Host Reinhold, Editor


to all those researching the family names: Kunkel, Kunkle, Kunckel, Conkle, Conkel, Konkel, Konkle, Gunkel, Gunckel, Kunkelmann, Kunkler & similar...

The "Spindle" newsletter is a quarterly publication designed to connect threads of our Germanic Kunkels, Kunkles, Kunckels; Conkles, Concles, Konkels; Gunkels, Gunckels, Gungels; Kunkelmann; Kunkler & other similar names. Like the paper-based newsletter, this web page is designed to help you find your links to our various family lines.
The Kunkel-Kunkle-Conkle-Gunkel "Spindle" Newsletter began publication in 1995 as a clearinghouse for anyone researching the surnames or variations, regardless of lineage, locality, or time period. Now in its fourth year, it is published quarterly, each January (Winter), April (Spring), July (Summer), and October (Fall).

Each issue of the Spindle is packed with news and research on ancestors, including biographies, family histories, Bible records, family group sheets, military records, extracts from source materials and reference books, both new and old, immigration records, photographs, obituaries and more.  Lately, issues have been about 38 pages each or more.

Queries are accepted free from all those researching the names, and should be received by the first of the month preceding publication. Subscribers are also encouraged to submit their family group sheets, as well as early photographs and written histories from their own related line. We will need a snail mail (or regular post office mailing address) for you along with the query.  Unless you specifically request it be placed on the web site too, it will be taken off at that time and keyed into your email address, if you have one.

A subscription to The Kunkel Kunkle Conkle Gunkel "Spindle" Newsletter will provide you with the opportunity to:

Subscriptions are $14.00 per calendar year.  This price includes an annual index.  To subscribe, print out the subscription form or make out a note with your address and query for the family, and mail with your check, made payable to Janet Reinhold, to:
Janet Reinhold, Editor, PO Box 4001, Covina CA 91723

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