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Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 14873, 29 March 1919, Page 3
RETURNING MAORI SOLDIERS. GOVERNMENT CHARTERS MAPOURIKA. The Gisborne and East Coast Maoris, arriving by the transport Westmoreland, will be transhipped at Auckland to the Mapourika which has been specially chartered by the Minister of Defence to bring them on to Gisborne. In communicating the above information, to a Herald representative to-day, Sir James Carroll said that it was probable he local men would not go ashore at Auckland, but would be transhipped direct to the Mapourika, after the period of quarantine had elapsed. The transport was due on the 5th prox. (Saturday next), and although nothing yet had been definitely decided, he thought it was possible they would arrive here on Monday, the 7th, on Tuesday, the 8th (the date of the official opening of the hui). This, however, might depend up on the weather. It was possible that the Hon. A. T. Ngata or himself would go to Auckland to meet them on arrival there. In addition to the Gisborne and East Coast men (whose names are published elsewhere), it is proposed that the Urewera and Wairoa natives, and those from Opotiki to Cape Runaway, should also be demobilised here. Considerable preparation has been made for the hui, and the arrangements at the Park racecourse are now well advanced, a portion of the grounds having been specially laid off for the monster gathering. A staff of natives, under the Hon. A. T. Ngata has been busy for some weeks past preparing the hui grounds, and the arrangements, as far as possible, will be in strict accordance with native custom. Extensive accommodation is being provided, not only for the returning Maori soldiers, but for the large number of Maori visitors expected from different parts of the Dominion, the arrangements in connection with the commissariat, department alone being a large order. Special attention has also been paid to sanitation matters, and it is confidently asserted that no anxiety may be felt on this account. The hui committee is laying itself out particularly for European visitors from Gisborne and the surrounding, district, and an announcement respecting these arrangements will be made on Monday next. Regarding the civic reception to be accorded the Maoris on their arrival, it has been suggested that the use of the Harbor Board's large shed (No. 4) might be obtained in which to welcome and entertain the men, and it is understood the premises would be available if desired thereby obviating the difficulty of transport to the Garrison Hall.

Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 14880, 7 April 1919, Page 3
RETURN OF THE MAORIS. EX WESTMORELAND. TO-MORROWS FUNCTION. A civic welcome will be accorded to the returning Maori soldiers, members of the East Coast tribes of the Maori Pioneer Battalion, who will demobilise at Gisborne to-morrow. Lieutenant Ansell, the disembarkation officer, was advised to-day that the Mapourika, with the East Coast Maoris aboard, left Auckland at 9 o'clock last evening. The steamer is expected to reach the anchorage by daylight, but owing to the tidal conditions the disembarkation will not commence until 9.30 a.m. Arrangements, however, have been made for the deputy-Mayor, Cr. Hill, and members of the Reception Committee to visit the ship and to tender a formal welcome. The acting-Premier, Sir James Allen, the Hon. Sir James Carroll, and party are expected to come ashore early. The tenders will leave the wharf at 9 a.m., and the troops are expected to land at the wharf, at 10 a.m., where, as already announced, they will be accorded a civic welcome. Representative natives, returned soldiers, the local bands, and the Senior Cadets will be stationed within the enclosure, and appropriate addresses will be delivered by representative speakers. Business people have been, invited to close their premises from 10 a.m. to noon. The various school committees have been invited to have the school children present, and to throw flowers on the troops as they pass in procession through the town. The Maori soldiers then proceed by train to the hui grounds at the Park racecourse, where they will be received in accordance with the ancient native custom. As previously notified the official welcome will take place on the "marae" at the hui on Wednesday morning, the acting-Premier and Minister of Defence, Sir James Allen, being present. PRESENTATION OF DECORATIONS. The opportunity will be taken by the Hon. Sir James Allen, Minister of Defence, during his visit, to present the following decorations Private Toi Katrini, Tolaga Bay (Croix de Guerre). Sergeant H. D. Jeffreys, care Mrs. H. Morice, Tahunga (Military Medal). Mrs. Whitfield, 6 Desmond Road, Gisborne (mother of the late Gunner G. E. Whitfield (Meritorious Service Medal).

Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 14881, 8 April 1919, Page 3
WELCOME HOME. ARRIVAL OF MAORI PIONEERS. GISBORNE'S FINE RECEPTION TO RETURNING NATIVE SOLDIERS. Gisbornites rose to the occasion to-day and accorded a hearty welcome home to the Maori Pioneer Battalion, the East Coast members of which landed at Gisborne this morning. Beautiful weather prevailed for this auspicious occasion, and the town was gay with bunting and flags, which were displayed from the shipping in port and the buildings throughout the town, whilst with the large assemblage which turned out to welcome the Maori boys the town was quite en fete. Admirable arrangements had been made for the disembarkation, and these were facilitated by the early arrival of the Mapourika and the favorable weather conditions. The return of the Maori soldiers was marked by the visit of the Hon. Sir James Allen, Acting-Prime Minister, and Minister of Defence, who arrived from Auckland with the men aboard the Mapourika, and who, with other distinguished visitors, joined in the homage to the brave warrior sons of the East Coast tribes. The Mapourika, which left Auckland at 9 p.m. on Sunday, came down under easy steam, experiencing an enjoyable trip along the Coast — quite the best of the whole voyage - and in the words of the soldier boys, proved herself the very best transport they had ever been aboard. The ship was alive with animation when the Harbor Board's launch, with the members of the Reception Committee, drew alongside shortly after 7 o'clock this morning. Three rousing cheers to the Maori soldiers were given by the reception party as the launch pulled up alongside the ship.
The visitors included Crs. H. E. Hill (Deputy- Mayor), H. De Costa, and G. C. Munns, with press representatives. Cordial greetings of welcome passed between them, and the boys from all parts of the ship, and a formal welcome was expressed on behalf of the citizens of Gisborne. Prominent on the deck was Sir James Carroll, M.P., who had journeyed to Auckland to participate in the welcome there, and who had returned home with the boys. The Ministerial party, apart from Sir James Allen and his private secretary, Mr. F. Matthews (who also has just returned after three years on active service), included Major Bosworth, representing headquarters, Wellington military district; Major Peacocke, officer commanding Narrow Neck Camp (described as the father of the boys); Major Main, disembarkation officer; and Lieutenant Mills, Base Records. The officers comprised Colonel Ennes. D.S.O. officer commanding the Pioneer Battalion, Captains Broughton and Ferris, Chaplain Wepiha Wainohu and Chaplain Hukawai (of Hastings), and Lieutenant P. W. Fromm. Amongst both officers and men there were many familiar Gisborne faces in the 262 who comprised the total returning men, of the Pioneers. All looked well and in great spirits, and not a little glad to come to the end of the great adventure far greater than any of the daring exploits of the war parties of their forefathers.
Chatting with a Herald representative. Colonel Ennes, the "O.C" stated that they had had a very good trip out aboard the Westmoreland, which, it is interesting to record, had been torpedoed and sunk in English waters, where she had lain for twelve months before being recovered. The steamer had only just been re-fitted for the voyage, which was made in excellent time. The boys, he went on to say, had behaved very well, both on the voyage out and on disembarkation at Auckland on Sunday. There had been absolutely no trouble and happily practically no sickness, apart from a case of diphtheria. The transport arrived a clean ship, and with no sign of any influenza.
A fine reception was accorded the Pioneers on landing at Auckland. Appropriate speeches of welcome were delivered, and thousands lined the streets of the city as they marched to the Domain, where the public demonstration and reception took place.
After breakfast had been partaken of, the opportunity was taken by Messrs Mence and J. Zachariah, of Wellington (who arrived from Wellington by the Arahura this morning to take the official cinematographic views of Gisborne's reception of the Pioneers), to secure several pictures aboard the Mapourika, and as Sir James Allen mounted the landing, to the upper deck he was accorded three lusty cheers.
The Ministerial party, boarding the Harbor Board's launch, proceeded ashore, Sir James Carroll occupying a prominent position on the forepart of the deck house as the launch travelled up the river to the landing steps. Seizing the opportunity of the visit of Sir James Allen, the Reception Committee invited his attendance at the office of the Citizens' Defence Committee, where, as reported elsewhere, various local matters were placed before the Minister's notice.
Some uncertainty prevailed this morning regarding the arrangements, as the Hui Committee had planned a full two days' programme for the Ministerial visitors, who were timed to proceed on by the Mapourika tomorrow evening. Owing to pressure of important business, however, the Acting-Prime Minister announced this morning that he desired to proceed on by the steamer tonight, and at the urgent request of Sir James Carroll, the Hon. A. T. Ngata and the Native executive, it was tentatively arranged that the Maori troops for Wairoa and Hawke's Bay should remain, over at Gisborne, the committee undertaking to provide facilities for their transport to Napier. The Minister intimated that his services were quite at the disposal of the Native committee, but that owing to other duties it was imperative that he should go on to Napier to-night.
The landing of the Maori troops was made the occasion of a public holiday, business premises being closed practically all morning until midday. There was a great turnout at the wharf when the Pioneers landed. A large enclosure was roped off in front of the Harbor Board's office and the Turanganui Hotel. An abundant display of bunting and flags was made from the vessels in port, and from various buildings, etc., whilst cars and other vehicles were well decorated. The enclosure was lined by the Defence cadets of the district, including Waerenga-a-hika College cadets, High School cadets, and Nos. 7 and 65 senior cadets.
All approaches to the wharf were thronged and blocked with town and country folk, who turned out en masse to witness the historic event. The Gisborne City and the Salvation Army Bands were present, and rendered appropriate music, whilst the arrival of the returned soldiers, numbering in all about 250, was the occasion of much cheering. Under the command of Col. W. H.Fletcher, president of the Gisborne Returned Soldiers' Association, the men made a fine showing, and included in their ranks were numerous Maori comrades.
A luggage guard had been picked from the various companies of cadets, and was drawn up in waiting to place the Pioneers' kits in the special railway truck which was standing in readiness on the siding.
The surrounding buildings, including the balcony of the Turanganui Hotel, the Harbor Board's office, and even the Gisborne Sheepfarmers Meat Company's new premises were lined with spectators, whilst the pupils of the town and suburban schools were present in massed attendance, having been granted a holiday. Even the Kaiti side of the wharf had its quota of spectators. The general arrangements for disembarking were excellent, and as far as the weather was concerned, nothing, could have been better, but unfortunately the situation did not fit in well with the great mass of people witnessing the proceedings, and thousands were blocked out at all approaches to the wharf.
The Tuateu, with a fine display of bunting, and crowded with the bronzed and khaki warriors, drew alongside the wharf at 10.20 a.m., amidst a fresh outburst of cheering, and to the strains of "Conquering Heroes," played by the Salvation Army Band. A great chorus of welcomes passed between the Maori soldiers and the immense crowd of spectators. Located on the platform (festooned with red, white, and blue, and specially erected for the occasion) were Sir James Allen, in a colonel's uniform, the Hon. Sir James Carroll, Cr. H. E. Hill, deputy-Mayor, and other public representatives, including the members of the Reception Committee.
The deputy-Mayor (Mr. H. E. Hill) in opening, said "Soldiers of the King — On behalf of the citizens of Gisborne I wish to welcome you to Gisborne." He apologised for the absence of the Mayor, and continued: "To-day is the greatest in the history of New Zealand, as the arrival of the Maori warriors forms the final link in the chain of comradeship between the pakeha and the Maori. The Maoris have fought and some have died to preserve that civilisation brought to them by the pakeha, and they have earned undying fame as the enemies of the Huns. When the call came the Maoris particularly from this district, answered unwaveringly, and on their return we unitedly bid them a most cordial welcome home. It affords the citizens of Gisborne the greatest pleasure to be able to welcome the Maori soldiers back, and not only to thank them for having so bravely fought for the flag, which represents so much, but to join in the great reunion which takes place to-day." (Applause.) He called for three cheers for the Maori soldiers, which were heartily given.
"I am only here to join with you in the civic reception to the returned men," announced Sir James Allen. The Acting Prime Minister went on to say he had been present at the welcome to the Pioneer Battalion on its arrival at Auckland. It was a splendid welcome, and the men deserved it. Amidst beautiful weather and with shining faces these men returned to kith and kin. It was the home-coming of these brave fellows. It was a happy day, because they had helped to bring victory and peace with them. He hoped that the days that were to come would be happy ones to them and to all. He joined heartily in the welcome home to the men here, and with great pleasure joined with the citizens of Gisborne in the reception they were giving today.
Mr. Chas. Matthews (Cook County Council) said that on behalf of the people of Cook County he welcomed the men back. The chairman of the Council, he explained, was unable to be present. The people congratulated them on the victory, and wished them "kia ora" in everything they undertook.
Mr J W J Preston, on behalf of the Harbor Board, congratulated the soldiers on their success, and hoped the celebration would be enjoyed to the utmost. (Applause.)
Mr. J W Bright speaking on behalf of the Citizens' Defence Committee, said Welcome, Maori brothers, soldiers of the King. I wish you a hearty welcome home, and to say words of praise and honor which you have justly earned." Proceeding, the speaker pictured the Maori warriors on the battlefield, raising the old war cry of their forefathers and striking far into the hearts of the enemy, and he invited them once more to give their war cry.
Sir James Carroll, stepping forward on the platform, led the well-known haka with its opening lines Kamate Kamate.
(Loud Applause.) "I hope," concluded Mr. Bright, "that you boys who have been strong to save the Empire which so sadly needed your aid, will be equally strong to keep the Empire that you have been so strong to save." As they folded their khaki uniforms he hoped they would follow in the good steps of citizenship. He paid homage to the boys who had bled and died, to those who had won victory and had brought about a sure, certain and lasting peace, who had made Great Britain still mistress of the seas and queen of the earth.
The Rev. H. Packe remarked that he could well join with others and say "Enough." He welcomed the men most heartily back to "Blighty," and hoped that that comradeship that they had learned in the trenches would continue with them in the reconstruction and the tremendous problems that would crop up from time to time in civil life. "God bless you in your homes," he declared in conclusion.
Colonel Fletcher, on behalf of the Returned Soldiers' Association, said the pakehas who had returned before them joined in the welcome of the soldiers home to "their native country." "We all know what you have done," he said. "You have done your duty nobly and well,, and have proved your craftiness, trickery and chivalry in warfare. Again I say you have done your duty nobly and well, and your returned soldier comrades join heartily in the welcome." (Applause.)
This terminated the address of welcome, and to the relief of many who had been waiting in the crush behind to get a glimpse, of the returning heroes, the procession moved off through town. Proceeding via Read's quay and Gladstone road, the procession was headed by the City Band, with Colonel Fletcher, Capt. Turnbull, Capt. J. Williams, and other officers following and leading the returned soldiers, who numbered by this stage almost 300. The Salvation Army band, led by Commandant Dawkins and Chaplain Bladin, preceded the Maori contingent, who were in turn followed by the Senior Cadets, High School cadets and Waereinga-a-hika cadets. All along the route the streets were lined and the cheering was almost incessant as the procession passed along. At several points flowers were thrown to the Maori soldiers, some of whom placed the floral tributes in their hats, epaulettes, and other parts of their uniforms. The whole turnout comprised one of the most notable military displays ever seen in Gisborne. The fine, soldierly appearance of the Maori soldiers, and their splendid physique, won the admiration of all, fully demonstrating the reason why the Pioneer Battalion had earned for itself such a grand reputation amongst the fighting forces of the Empire. None the less outstanding was the fine turn-out made by the returned pakeha and Maori soldiers, forming as it did a fitting tribute to their gallant comrades in arms. Large crowds accompanied the procession to the railway station; where the men embarked on a special train.

These names are taken from the Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 14873, 29 March 1919, Page 7 and the Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 14880, 7 April 1919, Page 3 and from military files. The above newspaper report reports 262 men were on board but this list is for 228 men - I have 14 names which I am unable to identify. If you have a name for the Gisborne men from the Westmoreland would love to add them.

AKURANGI Mohi Private 20718 Muriwai
ALBERT Sam Private 20775 Wairoa
APANUI A 2nd Lieutenant 16/561 Wainui
ARAMAKUTU Wiki Private 20876 Te Araroa
BABBINGTON Prince Wilson Private 19551 Tokomaru Bay
BABBINGTON Tipi Private 20763 Tokomaru Bay
BAKER Pita Heretaunga Lance Sergeant 20772 Gisborne
BRISTOW Robert Terehi Private 60535 Te Araroa
BRISTOWE Edward Private 16/69 Te Araroa
BROWN Thomas Rakiroa Private 30133 Te Reinga
BROWN William Private 20648 Kaiti
CARROLL Thomas Private 19842 Wairoa
CARROLL Turi Corporal 42863 Wairoa
CLARKE Robert Private 19748 Kahukura
COOPER Ashley Kiwara Private 16/1451 Gisborne
COOPER William Henry Private 47860 Te Reinga
CRAWFORD Henry Private 16/947 Te Araroa
EDMONDS Henry Harvess Private 19707 Tokomaru Bay
EDWARD Walter Private 60475 Wairoa
EDWARD Walter Private 60475 Wairoa
EDWARDS Mathew Private 19846 Wairoa
EDWARDS Sid Private 19845 Wairoa
ERIMANA Wi Private 20742 Mohaka
FERRIS J P Captain 16/50 Wainui
FERRIS K Corporal 20773 Wainui
FORRESTER Albert Corporal 16/983 Tokomaru Bay
FROMM Percy Thomas 2nd Lieutenant 16/1403 Gisborne
GEMMELL Ben Corporal 16/1501 Wairoa
GERRARD Harry Private 16/120 Ruatorea
GERRARD Mohi Private 19954 Port Awanui
GILMAN Rua Private 19959 Tolaga Bay
GOLDSMITH Charles Lieutenant 16/582a Rangitukia
GRACE Daniel Lance Corporal 16/585a Tuparoa
GRACE John Sergeant 19424 Tuparoa
GRANT James Private 16/586 Tokomaru Bay
GRANT Rawiri Private 16/2 Port Awanui
HAEREROA Pani Private 19772 Ruatorea
HAKIWAI  Peni Reverend 66225 Hastings
HALE Arthur Lance Corporal 47205 Tokomaru Bay
HALE Nathaniel Corporal 16/1486 Tolaga Bay
HALL Rukaute James Corporal 60534 Te Araroa
HARAKI Te Wiremu Kihitu (M.M) Private 16/59 Wairoa
HARAWIRA Cyril Private 16/1446 Mohaka
HARONGA Tamahou (Sam) Private 16/7 Nuhaka
HARRISON Henry August Private 16/1351 Waipiro Bay
HARRISON Robert Francis Private 23377 Waipiro Bay
HAUA Tuhoro Private 19775 Hiruharama
HAUTAPU Pera Private 20762 Tokomaru Bay
HEANY Walter Private 16/574 Gisborne
HICKS Alfred William Private 47887 Te Araroa
HINGSTON Lewis Herewood Private 19852 Wairoa
HINGSTON William Frederick Bruce Private 19982 Wairoa
HIRAKA Rutene Private 20650 Wairoa
HITU Keith Private 20655 Tokomaru Bay
HODGES John Henry Private 16/1338 Mohaka
HOEPO Karena Private 19851 Wairoa
HOHEPA Rore Private 16/601 Tuparoa
HONEYCOMBE Charles Sergeant 16/510 Gisborne
HOOPER Edward Private 16/1505 Gisborne
HOUIA Reu Reu Private 19769 Reporua, East Coast
HUKA Timi [aka Tiemi James Huka]  Private 19850 Wairoa
HURIPARA Watene Private 19708 Te Araroa
HUTANA Joseph Kiriwai Private 19709 Tokomaru Bay
JOHN David [David John Pomana] Private 16/1452 Nuhaka
JOHNSON Tiaki Private 19856 Gisborne
KAIMOANA Piripi Corporal 16/1013 Wairoa
KANA Hune Private 16/633 Port Awanui
KARA Rimu Private 16/936 Muriwai
KARANGAROA Rewai Private 19583 Nuhaka
KARAURIA Make Private 19858 Wairoa
KARAURIA Poki Private 19895 Wairoa
KAREPA Nohoroa Private 16/1367 Te Karaka
KEELAN Karauria Private 20009 Ruatorea
KINGI Ihaia Sergeant 16/803 Te Karaka
KIWARA Niha Private 20806 Te Araroa
KIWARA Rongo Private 16/952 Te Araroa
KOIA Matehaere Private 16/641 Port Awanui
KOIA Rawiri Lance Corporal 16/877 Waiapu
KOPUA Nehe Private 20760 Tokomaru Bay
KUARE Hepeta Private 19711 Te Karaka
LAMBERT Thomas (Tom) Private 16/16 Wairoa
LEACH John Private 20724 Whangara
LEWIS Mana Private 16/649 Wairoa
LEWIS T (Sunny) Private 19864 Wairoa
LOCKWOOD Joseph Spencer Lance Corporal 16/1484 Tolaga Bay
MAAKA Tu Private 20877 Waipiro Bay
MACKEY [MACKAY] [aka MAKI] Kirihona Private 16/867 Kaiti
MAERE Horomona Private 16/652 Hastings
MAHANGA Tom Private 19873 Wairoa
MAITAI William Private 20766 Tolaga Bay
MARSH Jack Private 16/660 Wairoa
MARSH Wi MAEHE Private 16/654 Wairoa
MARU Hirini Private 19888 Mahia
MATETU Tame Private 19455 Muriwai
MATTHEWS Thomas Private 19675 Tuparoa
MAURIRERE Mahu Private 16/670 Tuparoa
MAXWELL George Corporal 16/671 Port Awanui
McANDREW James Private 19871 Wairoa
McGREGOR Hugh Evan Private 19866 Wairoa
METE Tupara 19867 Wairoa
MILL Samuel Private 81331 Te Araroa
MILLS Whare Private 16/22 Port Awanui
MIROMIRO Pani Private 16/678 Tuparoa
MOANA Riwai Private 20808 Tuparoa
MOKIMOKI Morehu Private 19868 Wairoa
MOORE George Auckland Lance Corporal 16/1487 Tolaga Bay
MOORE Ropehana Edward Albert Private 19702 Tolaga Bay
MORRELL Ned/Rua Private 19869 Wairoa
MUA Apa Private 19725 Tokomaru Bay
MUA Peta Private 16/814 Tokomaru Bay
MULLIGAN Tori Corporal 16/1547 Tokomaru Bay
MUNRO Raki Private 20641 Wairoa
NAMANA Rata Private 16/26 Wairoa
NEPIA Wi Private 16/685 Nuhaka
NGATA Moana Temporary Sergeant 19735 Rangitukia
NGATA Paratene Purewa Private 19771 Waiomatatini, East Coast
NORTHOVER William Private 20761 Tokomaru Bay
ORMOND John (Tiaki) 2nd Lieutenant 45683 Opoutama
PAENGA Remana Lance Sergeant 16/75 Whangara
PAKU Paul 19876 Wairoa
PAKUKU Peta Private 19506 Gisborne
PAPUTENE Tiara Private 16/29 Gisborne
PARATA Renata Private 16/700 Waipiro Bay
PATTERSON John Corporal 6/4639 Gisborne
PENFOLD Harry Glover Private 59154 Tolaga Bay
PEPERE Parekura Private 19759 Te Herenga
PERETO Rua Private 16/31 Te Araroa
PEWHAIRANGI Pare Sergeant 16/32 Tokomaru Bay
PIRI Hoani Private 16/960 Te Araroa
PIRIHI Friday Private 19686 Tokomaru Bay
POHATU Mahurangi Private 16/828 Muriwai
POHATU Turoa Lance Corporal 16/831 Port Awanui
POHUTU Kingi Private 16/962 Te Araroa
POKAI Tautuhi Private 16/708 Kahukura
POMANA George (Hori) Private 19582 Nuhaka
POMANA Hori Private 16/832 Manutuke
POROU B Private 16/938 Muriwai
POUWHARE Ngapaki Lance Corporal 19736 Waiomatatini
PRIESTLEY Wi Kepa Private 16/833 Gisborne
PUHA Charlie Private 16/1516 Te Araroa
PUHA Waiheke 2nd Lieutenant 16/107 Te Araroa
PUHIPUHI Karu Private 16/35 Tolaga Bay
RANGIWAIA Manihera Private 19738 Waipiro Bay
RATIMA  Timirana Private 16/1272 Hastings
RAURETI Tame Private 20639 Wairoa
RAWHIRA Hakopa Private 20722 Manutuke
REID Samuel Sergeant 20774 Whangara
REIHANA Rutene Private 16/89 Rangitukia
REIHANA Tukawhena Private 20810 Rangitukia
RENATA Mare Private 16/939 Muriwai
ROTOATARA Charlie (Toare) Private 16/39 Wairoa
ROTOATARA Karena Private 16/1342 Wairoa
ROTOATARA Tupara Sergeant 16/457 Wairoa
RUNGARUNGA Nuia Lance Corporal 20757 Tokomaru Bay
RUWHIU [RURUWHIRU] Hau Private 60859 Te Araroa
RYLAND Matiaha Private 20843 Tokomaru Bay
SADLIER Lawrence Lance Corporal 20010 Wairongomai
SILBERY Jack Stanley Private 63951 Wairoa
SMITH Joseph Private 16/737 Nuhaka
SMITH Mathew Private 20725 Nuhaka
SMITH Paku (James Lopdell Smith) Private 19544 Nuhaka
SMITH Toru Private 19354 Puha
SMITH William Private 20734 Te Arai
SMITH George Private 19396 Nuhaka
SMITH [HAPI] Tommy Private 20643 Nuhaka
SMITH [METE] Harold Private 16/736 Wairoa
SWINTON William Jeremiah Private 60618 Gisborne
TAHI Rangi Private 16/1506 Wairoa
TAKINA Hana Private 16/995 Kahukura
TAKOKO Tawhai Private 19764 Tikitiki
TAMEPO Tawhai CSM 16/743 Waipiro Bay
TANGIORA Broughton Private 16/417 Mahia
TAPINE Ruru Private 16/71 Tokomaru Bay
TAUKAMO Pokai Private 19751 Waihuka
TAUTAU John Private 19960 Gisborne
TAUTUHI Hone Lance Corporal 16/561 Gisborne
TAYLOR Mangu Private 16/1461 Manutuke
TAYLOR Waaka Private 20679 Te Arai
TE AHO Albert Paul Lance Corporal 16/1344 Mohaka
TE HAU Kahu 2nd Lieutenant 16/61 Muriwai
TE HEREKIEKIE Kingi Private 28377 Wairoa
TE HOROHAU Wiki Private 19641 Muripara
TE KIHI Peniha Private 16/504 Wairoa
TE NGAIO Hemi Private 19401 Mahia
TE NGAIO Turei Private 19885 Wairoa
TE OHAERE Karaitiana Private 16/1482 Tokomaru Bay
TE OKEROA Joe Private 16/755 Mohaka
TE PUNI Ruakirikiri Private 19765 Hiruharama
TE RUA Kahungunu Private 19983 Manutuke
TE RUNA Wi Paku Private 16/1503 Tokomaru Bay
TE URUPU Paora Rerepu Private 16/47 Wairoa
TEHUIKI Henare Nehemia Private 19581 Mohaka
THOMPSON   John Private 20784 Wairoa
TINIMANA Jack Private 19566 Wairoa
TOHERIRI Tangiwai Private 20807 Tuparoa
TOOKE Te Reinga Private 16/850 Manutuke
TUHAKA Kereama Private 19486 Tokomaru Bay
TUHAKA Pine Private 19756 Tokomaru Bay
TUREI Peta Sergeant 16/771 Port Awanui
TURI Mihaka Private 16/772 Hick's Bay
WAAKA Toro Private 16/565 Rakauroa
WAAKA Waitohi Lance Corporal 16/781 Muriwai
WAIHAPE Puke Private 16/55 Wairoa
WAINOHU Hemi (Jim) Private 16/54 Wairoa
WAINOHU Henare Wepiha Chaplain Captain 16/545 Wairoa
WAIPARA Rota 2nd Lieutenant 16/51 Gisborne
WAITI Haua Private 19742 Hiruharama
WALKER Jimmie Private 19400 Nuhaka
WALKER Wiremu Corporal 16/853 Tolaga Bay
WANOA Joe Private 60801 Te Araroa
WANOA Tahanga Lance Corporal 16/966 Te Araroa
WAREHU Rutene Private 16/755 Kahukura
WEBBER David Private 75945 Wairoa
WEHIKORE Eparaina Private 19889 Te Arai
WEKO Wi Private 16/1002 Nuhaka
WHAANGA Apia Private 19893 Wairoa
WHAANGA Ihaka Private 20895 Nuhaka
WHAANGA Tuati Private 16/786 Nuhaka
WHAREHINGA [WHAAREHINGA] Kereopa Private 16/787 Rangitukia
WHAREHINGA [WHAAREHINGA] Penetana Private 20681 Tolaga Bay
WHAREKURA Joe Private 16/788 Nuhaka
WHATUIRA Poai Private 16/57 Wairoa
WHENUANUI Ropi Private 16/857 Gisborne
WILLIAMS Hiwa Private 20720 Manutuke
WILLIAMS Samuel Private 19717 Awapuni, Gisborne
WILSON Rawira Private 20765 Wairoa
WILSON Robert George [aka Pini KARAKIAKORE] Private 19625 Kaiti
WINIANA Kingi Private 19891 Nuhaka

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