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  My goal is to record every known descendant of Gerrit van der Poel (born 1590 in Holland/Netherlands), whose son, Wynant (1620-1699), came to New Netherland about 1644 and who is the gateway ancestor for most of the Vanderpools in America today. I want to include information about all of these lines  for the benefit of other researchers and for future generations. I also hope that by putting this material that we can, working together,  prove or disprove information that has been published or has been circulated for years. As in all genealogies you will find some errors conflicting evidence.  Some of us have been working on these Vanderpool lines for 30 years or more.

but_book.gif (434 bytes) As editor of the Vanderpool Newsletter for the past several years I have received much information on various Vanderpool lines, and I have done a great deal of research myself. However, this is a huge project and requires much effort and cooperation on everyone's part. It can't be done by two or three people.  It is my hope that the many Vanderpool cousins will continue to share information — especially about their line — along with the evidence and sources they have used in compiling it.  

but_book.gif (434 bytes) We now have a private Vanderpool website at where we can share information, files,  old pictures and documents, such as military and pension, marriage licenses, wills, and so forth. Such treasures  can be scanned and uploaded to the pages. If you are interesting in sharing and would like to join this project, please contact  Sonny Vanderpool for specifics about how you can access this private family site. 

but_book.gif (434 bytes)  Subscribe to the Vanderpool Newsletter, published quarterly in January, April, July and October (been publishing it since 1974 — still only $14 a year or $25 for two years). Send to: Montgomery "Sonny" Vanderpool, P.O. Box 151, Russellville, KY 422276-0151. Some back issues are still available. You also can receive it electronically. Ask me for details.


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