My Family's Favorite Recipes

My Family's Favorite Recipes

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My graphic to the left shows the way I fondly remember Granny McKeehan's old kitchen stove. It was made of iron and wood-burning. Wood was placed into a cubicle beside the oven door, and with a small, short-handled shovel, the ashes were removed from beneath. Several "eyes" or burners were located above the oven. A warming compartment was located at the top with a shelf above it for storage. Sliding metal doors enclosed the warmer and kept out pesky flies, etc.

Old folks always referred to such stoves as "cook stoves" to distinguish them from pot-bellied iron stoves used as the primary heat source in a room adjacent to the kitchen. Cook stoves served multiple purposes in households. Not only for cooking, they kept homes warm in winter, fired heavy irons for ironing clothing and linens, and heated water for many household chores, such as washing dishes, laundry, mopping, bathing, etc. Stoves similar to this graphic sold for $39.95 more than a century ago.


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