Ebenezer Cemetery Inscriptions
Ebenezer Cemetery
Monroe County, TN


Joseph Oliver Cline, Sr.

transcribed and compiled by Stephen and Sandra Jo (Nipper) Ratledge, July 2, 2000
updated June 2010

copyrighted photo taken by my husband Stephen Ratledge with his camera and film many years ago

Only cemeteries that my husband, son, and I have visited and tombstone inscriptions we have personally transcribed, verified, and typed are uploaded on this website. None are copied en masse, or in even part, from any other internet website or printed publication. Relatives may click the old mailbox below to email questions.


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ALDRIDGE, James Monteville8 Dec 18866 Mar 1922husband of Laura Stewman Aldridge
ALDRIDGE, Laura Stewman18911912wife of James Monteville Aldridge
ALDRIDGE, (an infant)  only one date 1912
ALDRIDGE, Rev. R. M.11 Sep 184813 Nov 1933father
ALDRIDGE, Mrs. R. M.1 Feb 18594 Sep 1934mother
ALDRIDGE, Willie22 Mar 190819 Feb 1915 
BAKER, Athel3 Oct 1933 ------husband of Ethel Baker
BAKER, Ethel9 Sep 193710 Dec 1986wife of Athel Baker
BAKER, Ronnie Lee20 Aug 196327 June 1992 
BAXTER, Cordie D.17 Dec 190820 Jun 1992wife of Richard G. Baxter
BAXTER, Richard G.25 June 187323 Nov 1968husband of Cordie D. Baxter
BAXTER, Sarah L. C. Headrick1 Aug 186615 Jan 1937per death certificate / no tombstone
BLAIR, Otto W.4 Feb 19017 Jan 1981 
BROWN, Danny20 Jan 195220 Jan 1952grandson of Mr. & Mrs. M. Arch Stewart
BRYSON, Dale19191934 
BRYSON, Jossie18791956 
BRYSON, Julie19021933 
CASTEEL, Fannie16 Dec 186911 Feb 1951wife of Marion Casteel
CASTEEL, Marion1 Feb 186118 Aug 1927husband of Fannie Casteel
CASEY, Claude E.28 Nov 190012 Nov 1951father
CASEY, John H.3 Mar 1942------son
CASEY, Pearl J.16 Apr 19074 Aug 1980mother
CASEY, Starlyne11 May 1938------son
CLINE, 6 tombstonesno datesno datesWilliam H. & Delie M. Cline's babies
CLINE, ------11 Feb 192028 Feb 1920 
CLINE, Delie M.11 June 19005 Sep 1984wife of William H. Cline, below
CLINE, Ethelunreadableunreadable 
CLINE, Helen Louise27 June 192425 Dec 1996wife of Isaac E. "Pete" Cline
CLINE, Herbert H.4 Feb 193027 Mar 2008wed Joyce E. Cline 17 June 1989
CLINE, Isaac E. "Pete"25 Apr 192611 Nov 2007Pvt US Army WW II, husband of Helen Louise Cline
CLINE, J. C.17 Jul 184610 Jan 1930"Big Joe," husband of Mag Cline below
CLINE, J. S.28 Nov 190312 Apr 1981husband of Viola Cline, below
CLINE, Joe O.22 Jul 190021 Mar 1927"Little Joe" (3 stones, old, new, & foot)
CLINE, Joseph B.19201979"J. B.," husband of Maggie M. Cline
CLINE, Joyce E.16 June 193815 Nov 2009wife of Herbert H. Cline
CLINE, Lena Mae18 Aug 192818 June 1930daughter of J. S. & Viola Cline
CLINE, Mag17 Mar 18523 Dec 1932wife of J. C. Cline, above
CLINE, Maggie M.19161999wife of Joseph B. "J.B." Cline
CLINE, Mildred Brown Thacker24 Jan 194319 Aug 2001 
CLINE, R. S. "Nig"2 Aug 192413 Sep 1983son of William H. & Delie M. Cline
CLINE, Sarah A.6 Nov 187919 Aug 1955wife of W. Edd Cline, below
CLINE, Viola28 Oct 19067 Jul 2005wife of J. S. Cline, above
CLINE, W. Edd22 Oct 18807 Nov 1955husband of Sarah A. Cline, above
CLINE, William H. "Willie"12 Mar 18987 Sep 1974husband of Delie M. Cline, above
COOK, Ada S.4 May 19179 Oct 1921 
COOK, Agnes J.10 Jan 191010 Jul 191l 
COOK, Albert R.27 Feb 18756 Sep 1923husband of Amanda M. Cook
COOK, Amanda M.13 Oct 18734 Jun 1969wife of Albert R. Cook
COOK, Arizona15 May 189316 Mar 1976(dau of Tennessee Dunlap)
COOK, Clara Etta24 Feb 191912 Dec 1943 
DERRICK, Alfred Eugene "Gene"27 Feb 194416 Feb 1988 
DERRICK, H. Myrtle Davis22 Sep 191528 June 1983mother
DERRICK, Luella22 Jan 18871 Sep 1934 
DERRICK, Martha A.19 Jan 19668 Apr 1966 
DERRICK, Mary Anna E.17 Feb 19066 Mar 1906 
DERRICK, Riley Joe11 Sep 19113 Apr 1970father
DUCKETT, Euline7 Mar 194312 Jul 1943 
DUFF, Carey C.15 Jan 1877 7 May 1904(daughter of J. C. & Mag Cline)
DUNLAP, Tennessee8 Sep 187020 June 1947(mother of Arizona Cook)
ERVIN, Bud7 Oct 189130 June 1969husband of Ida Stella Ervin
ERVIN, Ida Stella11 Sep 18945 Jul 1957wife of Bud Ervin
ERVIN, Ima Jene11 Sep 19386 Dec 1940daughter of James & Mildred Ervin
ERVIN, Kathy Ann6 Jul 195914 Jul 1959daughter of R. V. & Patricia Ervin
ERVIN, R. V.29 Feb 1936-----Masonic emblem
GIBSON, Rev. Alvin12 June 19046 Aug 1996wed 9 Oct 1927 to Olevia Gibson
GIBSON, Avelene27 Oct 193612 Nov 1941 
GIBSON, J. L.19 Sep 193815 Dec 1991 
GIBSON, Olevia27 Oct 1908------wife of Rev. Alvin Gibson
GOODMAN, Willie Hugh5 Jul 192119 Aug 1950dad
HALE, Eva Sue19 Sep 193227 Feb 2000wed 27 Dec 1964 to Leonard C. Hale
HALE, Leonard C.25 Nov 19229 June 1988Sgt US Army WW II, husband of Eva Sue Hale
HAMPTON, James C.13 Sep 19247 Dec 1945 
HAMPTON, Joyce Annno date20 Jul 1949date from obituary
HOLCOMB, Austin25 Oct 191718 Jan 1994US Army WW II
HOLCOMB, Brian A.30 Jul 197024 Oct 1990brother
HOLCOMB, Cora L.21 Apr 1911------wife of Harve N. Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Harve N.8 Jul 191512 Aug 1977wed 12 June 1941 to Cora L. Holcomb
HOLCOMB, Vonnie17 Jan 1922------wife of Austin Holcomb
HUDDLESTON, Garry Lee27 June 195829 May 2003 
HYATT, Carl30 Oct 194116 Nov 1990brother
HYATT, Ed21 Aug 191326 Mar 1958husband of Mae Hyatt
HYATT, Garland11 Dec 1880 6 Jan 1961husband of Martha C. Hyatt
HYATT, Isaac8 Sep 190413 Apr 1987 
HYATT, Mae16 June 191925 Dec 1989wife of Ed Hyatt
HYATT, Martha C.29 Apr 188517 Jul 1950wife of Garland Hyatt
IRVIN, ------no datesno dates3 Irvin footstones
KAZY, Blanche29 Jan 1926------wife of Taylor Kazy
KAZY, Taylor18 Jan 19241 June 1999S 1, US Navy, WW II
LAND, Frederick W.no date28 Jan 1954 
LEE, Emma (Walker)ca May 189220 Apr 1917per death certificate
MARTIN, Birdie25 Aug 190030 Apr 1992wife of Ples Martin
MARTIN, Charlie B.14 Feb 194222 Jan 1994husband of Velma L. Martin
MARTIN, Johnie Ruth16 Mar 19415 Apr 1941daughter
MARTIN, Josiah25 Sep 186511 June 1920husband of Lizzie Martin below
MARTIN, Lizzie4 Feb 186825 Nov 1959wife of Josiah Martin
MARTIN, Nelson22 Jan 189631 Dec 1916son of Josiah & Lizzie Martin, on same stone
MARTIN, Ples29 Nov 18881 May 1976husband of Birdie Martin
MARTIN, Velma L.7 Mar 1944------wife of Charlie B. Martin
MCARTHUR, Etta5 Apr 1912------sister, on same stone as Ples & Birdie Martin
MCDONALD, Luther25 Mar------husband of Odean McDonald
MCDONALD, Odean13 June 192015 Apr 1996wife of Luther McDonald; (dau of Arizona Cook)
MILLSAPS, Glenn R.30 June 191925 Feb 1992wed 11 Nov 1942 to Roberta C. Millsaps
MILLSAPS, Roberta C.3 Oct 1926------wife of Glenn R. Millsaps
______, Donnieno dateno datemay be Millsaps or Roberts twins
MORGAN, Bobby19 Feb 194719 Feb 1947(son of Otha Morgan)
MORGAN, Darrell W.28 Aug 1942-----husband of Ruby M. Morgan (son of Otha Morgan)
MORGAN, Otha28 May 191719 June 1976m. Thelma B. Morgan 23 June 1939 (son of Arizona Cook)
MORGAN, R. L.27 May 194019 Mar 1996M Sgt US Marine Corps, Vietnam (son of Otha Morgan)
MORGAN, Ruby M.18 Dec 1940-----wife of Darrell W. Morgan
MORGAN, Thelma B.19 June 192217 Sep 1990wife of Otha Morgan
MOSES, James3 Aug 192716 June 2001wed 18 Feb 1952 to Vernell Moses
MOSES, Mattie R.no date1924mother
MOSES, Ruel20 Jan 190721 Jul 1990dad
MOSES, Vernell15 May192326 June 1994wife of James Moses
MURPHY, Nora Cook22 Aug 192227 Dec 1999inscribed "mother" (dau of Arizona Cook)
NEWMAN, Elwanda8 Mar 19335 May 1933infant of Allen & Lizzie Newman
NEWMAN, Revonda8 Mar 19335 May 1933infant of Allen & Lizzie Newman
NIX, William J.23 June 192914 Sep 1930son of Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Nix
PEELER, Addie Viella22 Oct 19221 Apr 1944 
PEELER, Barbara M.19 Aug 1931------wed Charles F. Peeler 2 Dec 1953
PEELER, Charles F.25 Sep 192826 Apr 2003HTC US Navy Korea / Viet Nam
PEELER, Eller24 Feb 18726 Sep 1950wife of H. H. Peeler
PEELER, George Reece20 Dec 189325 Dec 1920 
PEELER, H. H.17 Sep 186910 May 1941husband of Eller Peeler
PEELER, Helen P.16 Apr 19341 Mar 1937daughter of Richard & Flossie Peeler
PEELER, (infant)no dateno date 
PEELER, Lizzie C.14 Feb 189031 Jan 1933 
PEELER, Patricia A.14 Jul 1949only one datedaughter
PEELER, Randyonly one date1965infant
PEELER, Robert Carl26 Feb 193028 Jan 1967Pvt 1st Class TN Signal Corps
PEELER, Ross F.28 Dec 195420 Jan 1996son, US Marine Corps
PEELER, Stella F.8 Mar 1940- Oct 1940daughter of Richard & Flossie Peeler
PEELER, Thelma L.15 Apr 19365 Jan 1937daughter of Richard & Flossie Peeler
PRESLEY, Joshua Clay19 Mar 198919 Mar 1989son of James & Cyrethea Presley
RAPER, Emma Jean12 Dec 192621 June 1990"mamaw;" (dau of Arizona Cook)
RICHEY, Annie M.1 June 1960 2 Jul 1960 
RICHEY, James E.7 May 19614 Aug 1961 
RITCHEY, Lonnie J.7 June 1931------wed 1 Feb 1958 to Mildred R. Ritchey
RITCHEY, Mildred R.12 Nov 1938------wife of Lonnie J. Ritchey
RITCHEY, Virgil L.25 Nov 1958------son, only one date
ROBERTS, Earnest2 Feb 19193 Mar 1919 
ROBERTS, Flossie21 Apr 1925------wife of Jess Roberts
ROBERTS, George18501947husband of Maggie Roberts, below
ROBERTS, J. W.24 Oct 19321 Aug 1948 
ROBERTS, James W.14 Apr 189721 Dec 1967husband of Viola P. Roberts
ROBERTS, Jess13 June 191518 Nov 1962husband of Flossie Roberts
ROBERTS, Maggie18511932wife of George Roberts, above
ROBERTS, Rae Vitalee17 Sep 192414 June 1980mama
______, Ronnieno dateno datebeside identical stone for Donnie, listed above
ROBERTS, Viola P.2 Apr 190830 Jan 1995wife of James W. Roberts
ROBERTS, Wilburn Grant26 Oct 19264 Feb 1992aged 65 yrs., 3 mos., 8 days
ROBERTS, William Ray21 May 19328 May 1978daddy
RUSSELL, Annie Mae3 Dec 19044 Dec 1904 
RUSSELL, Daisy Lee7 Ocr 19097 Dec 1918 
RUSSELL, Eliza19121972 
RUSSELL, Frankie6 Jul 19018 Jul 1901 
RUSSELL, James Frank22 Jul 18751 Oct 1917father
RUSSELL, Johnno dateno date 
RUSSELL, Polly Ann Cardin18471936wife of W. A. (Ham) Russell
STEWART, Arthur David23 Feb 194223 Feb 1942son of Mr. & Mrs.M. Arch Stewart
STEWART, Blanche28 Sep 190627 Aug 1968wife of M. Arch Stewart
STEWART, Garry Ray9 Jul 19555 Aug 1955 
STEWART, M. Arch6 Jan 189526 Dec 1985husband of Blanche Stewart
TORBETT, Billy Joe3 Apr 197425 May 2008
TOWNSEND, B. C.8Aug 192427 May 1983husband of Dorothy Townsend
TOWNSEND, Dorothy16 June 1931------wife of B. C. Townsend
UNDERWOOD, Lewis25 Sep 18832 Aug 1971husband of Rosie Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Rosie12 May 190819 May 1936wife of Lewis Underwood
WILLIS, June16 June 19302 Apr 2003 
YOUNG, Jo Ann25 Jul 196626 Jul 1966daugher of Hazel Young

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