James Thomas Baker's Biographical Sketch

James Thomas Baker's Biographical Sketch

(The following is an excerpt from p. 43 of Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas, published in 1889 by F. A. Battey & Co., Chicago, IL. A copy of this sketch was sent me in 1982 (almost one hundred years later) by Victor Brauchi of Amarillo, TX, a Baker family researcher. This was typed into html by Sandra Ratledge for this website.)

James T. Baker was born in Monroe County, TN, in September 1844, was married there in 1866 to Mrs. Elizabeth Grubbs, a war widow and a daughter of Benjamin E. Cass, the latter a native of NC, but who died in TX. To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Baker have been born nine children, named Sarah J., James A., Alta A., David E., Joseph B., Thomas E., John K., Lulu J. and Laurence C. One child, also, was born to Mrs. Grubbs prior to her marriage with Mr. Baker, named Jessie C. Grubbs, whom Mr. Baker has reared and who is now married.

David Baker, father of James T., was born in NC, was of Scotch descent, moved when a young man to TN, and came to TX in 1884 and is engaged in farming. He married Miss Mary A. Barnett, the daughter of Thomas Barnett, who was a native of AL, a soldier of the War of 1812 and of the Mexican War, and who died in TN in 1882. To David Baker and wife were born twelve children, James T. being the second.

James T. Baker came to TX in 1872, with but a few head of cattle, but he has been a successful farmer and now owns a splendid tract of 865 acres of which 250 are under cultivation and the balance in pasture, all of which he has earned by his own labor. With his wife he is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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