Miss Spiggle's 1957 - 1958 Fourth Grade Class at North City School


Miss Fannie Spiggle's Fourth Grade Class of 1957 - 1958

North City Elementary School, Palos Street, Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee

Our teacher, Miss Fannie Spiggle, is standing in the back of the class by our lockers. She was born 16 Nov. 1900, died 19 April 1988, and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Athens, TN. Scroll photo to the right for complete view. Full names of class members are listed if known. If more than one name is given, then the name commonly used is underlined; nicknames are listed in parenthesis if they were most often used. If deceased, known birth and death dates are provided following the name. The girls' husbands, if known, are listed in parenthesis. Beginning with the first row on left, front to back, students are as follows:

ROW # 1 Billy Gray seat 1, Charles __?__ seat 2 absent for photo, Ernest Gettys seat 3, Ronald "Ronnie" Mosier seat 4, Ronald "Ronnie" Dale Torbett [b 12 Dec 1947 d 6 Feb 2003 buried McMinn Memory Gardens, US Army Viet Nam] seat 5, Eddie Mullins seat 6;

ROW # 2 Kenneth Dale Black seat 1 [b 14 Oct 1948 d 30 Nov 1997 buried McMinn Memory Gardens], James "Jimmy" Robertson seat 2, Gary "Dooby" Wade seat 3, Lamar Whitmire seat 4, Dennis Stephens seat 5, Allen Swafford seat 6, Janie McKeehan seat 7;

ROW # 3 Roberta Ann Robertson seat 1, Robert E. "Bob" Whitten, Jr. [b 28 July 1948 Columbus CO, NC d 1 June 2013] seat 2, George Harold Stanton (brother to Sandra Ann in row 4) seat 3, Dorothy Maxine Monroe (Mrs. James "Jim" Edward Buckner) [b 11 Apr 1948 McMinn CO, TN d 29 Sep 2009 Athens, McMinn CO, TN buried McMinn Memory Gardens] seat 4, Douglas "Doug" Matthews seat 5, Loretta Mason seat 6, Clarence Wayne Richesin seat 7;

ROW # 4 Linda Larose Palmer (Mrs. James Barnett) seat 1, Sandra Ann Stanton (Mrs. David Grisham, sister to Harold in row 3) seat 2, Chuck "Chucky" L. West [b 11 July 1948 d 25 Nov 1999 buried Riceville City Cemetery, McMinn CO, TN] seat 3, Steven "Steve" Queen seat 4, Mary Jane Wyatt seat 5, Linda Lunsford seat 6;

ROW # 5 Wilma Jean Winder (Mrs. Jake Howell) [b 29 Aug 1948 d 15 Dec 1987 buried McMinn Memory Gardens] seat 1, Sandra Jo Nipper (Mrs. Stephen Ratledge) seat 2, Barbara Etti Thomas seat 3, Thomas "Tommy" Hubert Stewart seat 4, James "Jimmy" Price seat 5.

~ to be continued with a tribute to our dear Miss Fannie Spiggle, written by Sandra Jo (Nipper) Ratledge ~

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