The Students of Mouse Creek School


The Students of Mouse Creek School
McMinn County, Tennessee ca. 1916

The photo above was published in the Bicentennial Edition of The Daily Post-Athenian and was provided by Mrs. Tom (Iva Mae Hicks) Joller. Exact location of this school is not known. Students include the following: (front row, left to right) Henry Monell, Ira Knox, Alvia Brumitt, Gilford Hicks, Johnny Moxins, Willard Knox, Jack Cranfield, Elmer Beavers, Aurther Brumitt, Fred Ramsey, Georgie Lee Cates, Sally Bible, (second row, left to right) Mack Peterson, Katie Peterson, Blanche Grubb, Addie Beavers, Abbie Brumitt, Mary Brumitt, Myrtle Maupin, Bessie Maupin, Daisy O'Daniel, Lizzie O'Daniel, Elsie Hicks, Marchie Lee Hicks, Clemmie Hutsell, Ruby Ramey, Clyde Hutsell, Iva Mae Hicks, Ralph Hutsell, (third row, left to right) Tim Guthrie, Jessie Knox, Rosa Gruble, Maude Sliger, Inez O'Daniel, Enid Grissom (Ira Sliger), Effie Woods, Alice Maupin, Willie Mae Creasman, Arlie Guthrie, Ruby Young, Vaughn Hutsell, (back row, left to right) John J. Maupin, Lora Rue, Cora Brumitt, Myrtle Hicks, Onita Bible, Charlie Hicks, Earl Woods, and Denny Creasman.

This this photo was clipped from the DPA by my parents.

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