Two Athens Schools Report on Scrap Metal Collections

Two Athens Schools Report on Scrap Metal Collections

(September 17, 1942, The McMinn County Herald, Athens, TN)

The North City and Cook High pupils have reported the number of pounds of scrap metal collected by their respective schools.

Other schools in Athens have collected the scrap, but have not sold it as yet.

Collecting a total of 6670 pounds of scrap for the entire school, the following grades at North City School report the number of pounds gathered: Eighth 820, Seventh 720, Sixth 1800, Fifth 2060, Fourth 800, and Third 470.

The J. L. Cook High school pupils collected 3140 pounds of scrap.

[Editorial note by Sandra (Nipper) Ratledge: This article shows that even children volunteered, worked, and contributed toward "the great war effort" of the 1940s. It also proves their patriotism greater than their poverty.]

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