William Marcus McDonald, PVT.


William Marcus McDonald, Pvt.

b ca 1847 Cherokee CO, NC d Oct 1863 Civil War
son of Jonathan McDonald & Harriet M. Davidson of Hanging Dog, Cherokee CO, NC
m never

His military service in Capt Goldman Bryson's CO of Union Volunteers was confused with that of William Marion McDonald, his first cousin; therefore, it is necessary to read both files. The second auditor of the treasury paid $385.06 on 7 Feb 1870 to Jonathan McDonald, his father. This sum represented arrears of army pay on account of his son's death in the US Army. The check was mailed to Thomas G. Boyd of Sweetwater, TN, a lawyer who was sent to the state penitentiary in 1873 for multiple pension claim frauds against the government.

On 3 Aug 1893 in Cherokee CO, NC, Jonathan McDonald made an affidavit stating that James McDonald, the Indian War pensioner, was his brother and that the James McDonald who had served in Capt Goldman Bryson's CO was his own son. His son James B. McDonald was then living in IL. This helped to clear up confusion about the two James McDonalds.

Confusion regarding the cases of the two William M. McDonalds continued until after special agent A. B. Parkey of Atlanta, GA completed his investigation and submitted it to the Commissioner of Pensions and the Board of Review. Since there was only one William M. McDonald listed on the Payne-Boyd substitute roll, the only roll accepted by the War Dept, and since Jonathan McDonald was already drawing a pension of $12 per mo as a dependent parent, the Board of Review decided not to make any change in recipients. Therefore, Jonathan McDonald continued to receive $12 monthly because of the presumed death of his son. William Marcus McDonald was captured by Confederate cavalry at Beaver Dam, Cherokee CO, NC, on 27 Oct 1863. Jonathan McDonald was denied a pension for his own service, however, in Capt Goldman Bryson's CO and in the 3rd & 7th TN MTD INF REGTS. After his death, his widow and second wife, Catherine Taylor Panther McDonald, was allowed a pension of $8 per mo for her step-son's military service.

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