George Vaughan (1683-1766) and Faithfull Packard (ca1685-1753)  

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b. 3 Oct 1683 in Middleborough, Plymouth Co., MA, the son of Joseph and Joanna (THOMAS) VAUGHAN
m. 13 Aug 1719 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., MA
d. 11 Aug 1766 in Middleborough

Faithfull PACKARD
b. about 1685, the daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia (SMITH) PACKARD
d. 5 Apr 1753 in Middleborough

George Vaughan married first Rebekah --?--. She died 1 Feb 1718/19 in Middleborough.

Children of George and Rebekah (--?--) Vaughan:

  1. Thankful Vaughan, b. 31 Mar 1717.
  2. Rebekah Vaughan, b. 28 Jan 1718/19.
Children of George and Faithfull (Packard) Vaughan:
  1. Nathan Vaughan, b. 4 Oct 1721;  d. 10 Mar 1785 in Middleborough. He m. Priscilla BARROWS (daughter of Robert and Fear (Thomas) Barrows and sister of Joanna Barrows) 1767 in Middleborough.
  2. Josiah Vaughan, b. 9 Dec 1723;  d. 3 Aug 1790 in Middleborough. He m. Lydia THOMAS 27 Sep 1757 in Middleborough.
  3. Peter Vaughan, b. 28 Feb 1727/28.
  4. Thomas Vaughan, b. 6 Dec 1729; d. 1 Dec 1773 in Middleborough. He m. Hannah PETERSON of Rochester (int) 2 Nov 1751. They had children Nathan, Faith, Betty, and Thomas.
  5. Jabez Vaughan, b. 22 Oct 1731; d. Feb 1731/32.
Five-Generation Pedigree Chart
Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Peter Vaughan George Vaughan Joseph Vaughan George Vaughan
Elizabeth Henchman Edmund Henchman
Elizabeth --?--
Joanna Thomas David Thomas
Joanna --?--
Faithfull Packard Nathaniel Packard Samuel Packard
Elizabeth --?--
Lydia Smith John Smith Henry Smith
Lydia Eliot Philip Eliot


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