Edmund Henchman (ca1607-1668) and Elizabeth --?-- (ca1605-ca1674)  

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b. about 1607 in England
m. about 1628
d. 27 Oct 1668 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA

Elizabeth --?--
b. about 1605 in England
d. about 1674, probably in Chelmsford

Family name also given as Hinksman, Henchsman, Hinchman. His given name is sometimes shown as Edmond or possibly Edward.

Edmond and Elizabeth lived at Martley, Worcestershire, England from 1628 to 1640, immigrating to America sometime after that. He was in Marshfield, MA from 1651-1659, and Chelmsford, MA from 1660-1668.

Researcher Mary Hinchman (see reference) cites two theories as to the origin of Edmund Henchman:

One source...indicates Edmond is Edward Henchman, son of Thomas and Ann Griffith Henchman of Northampton, England and nephew of the famous Bishop Humphrey Henchman.

Another source... writes that Edward of Chelmsford was the son of Edward, the son of Thomas and Ann Griffith Henchman. He further states that Edward and his brother Thomas came to Boston in 1637 with Rev. John Fiske [who married the widow Elizabeth Henchman] and that Edward and Elizabeth were the parents of Daniel, Thomas and John.

[Both sources] refer to The Henchman Family published in England in 1868. Thomas Henchman a descendant of Thomas Crosborough Henchman had two sons - Edward and Thomas. Edward, a merchant in London in 1633, married --?-- Platt, d/o John Platt, s/o Sir Hugh Platt. Latter Day Saint records list the birth of two Henchmans named Edward and Thomas - Edward born 2-9-1628 St. Nicholas Acons London and Thomas born 2-14-1629 St. Andrew By Wardrobe London.

The following assignments may not be entirely accurate, as some minor discrepancies in names and dates (e.g., between the Martley data and the Chelmsford data) have not been totally worked out.

Children of Edmund and Elizabeth Henchman:

  1. Thomas Henchman, b. about 1628; d. 18 Jul 1703. He m. Elizabeth MERRIAM about 1662. They had child Joseph.
  2. William Henchman, b. 1628; d. about 1671. He m. Mary PHILBERD on 20 Jan 1652. They had children William, Mary, Hannah, Joseph, Fortunatus, Elizabeth, Edmond, Elnathan.
  3. Elizabeth Henchman, b. 1621.
  4. Major John Henchman, b. about 1638, d. about 1685 in NY. He m. (1) Elizabeth EMMONS 10 Aug 1660. They had children John and Robert. He m. (2) Sarah --?-- about 1669. They had children Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas, Hannah, Mary, Joseph, Margaret, Bridget, Daniel, James, Mercy.
  5. Hannah Henchman, b. about 1637; d. 25 Feb 1720 in Boston. She m. James HILL 10 Apr 1662 in Boston. They had children Hannah, James, Ignatius, Elizabeth.
  6. Bridget Henchman, b. about 1648; d. 6 Mar 1731. She m. (1) James RICHARDSON 28 Nov 1660. They had child James. She m. (2) William Chandler 8 Oct 1679.
  7. Margaret Henchman, b. about 1650; d. about 1691. She m. Charles HOPKINS about 1662.

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart

Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Elizabeth Henchman Edmund Henchman
Elizabeth --?--


Hinchman, Mary. The Hinchman Family in America. Published by the author, P.O. Box 493, Allen, KY 41601 (1995). Copy available at Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, IN.

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