James Skaggs (1855-1927) and Cloe Beard (1860-1936)  

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James Alford SKAGGS
b. 12 Oct 1855 in Taylor Co., KY, the son of William and Emily (HEDGESPETH) SKAGGS
m. 24 Feb 1876 in Green Co., KY
d. 6 Feb 1927 in LaRue Co., KY

Chloe Ann BEARD
b. 13 Sep 1860 in Taylor Co., the daughter of Joshua and Sallie (THOMPSON) BEARD
d. 3 Jan 1936 in LaRue Co.

From Ben Jones' book The Crooked Sourwood, page 95:

Jim Coon was our blacksmith.  He shod my dad's horses.  We welded whatever he broke on his wagons and cut his wagon tires once a year.  That meant when the follies, the wood rim on a wagon wheel, dried out the iron tires got loose.  They took them off, cut out an inch or two, heated the iron tires, put them back on, and when they cooled they were tight.  Butler Skaggs, who d. in Illinois in the 1920's, was named for my dad.  I think Flossy was about my age and Bulter a little younger.  Bulter and I went one school term together at Gravel Point School.

I remember a conversation I heard between my mom and Cloe Skaggs.  Women put a lot of emphasis on their geese in those days because they were the difference from a straw or shuck mattress and sleeping on a feather bed.  She had turned her goslings out to grass and they filled up on nettle weed and all died.

Jim Coon's shop was across the road from the house.  I was at their sale.  They sold antiques for only a few dollars.  At today's prices they would be worth a fortune.  I remember who bought some of them at ten cents each, Cora ann (Cloe) (Beard) Skaggs.  She was completely bald.  She had worn a wig since a severe virus.  She lost her hair as a girl and it never grew back, but only family and close friends ever knew it.  The wig she wore was perfect and a brunett.

Children of James and Chloe Skaggs:

  1. Martha Jane Skaggs, b. 1 Nov 1878.
  2. --?-- Skaggs, b. 1877.
  3. Mahala Skaggs, b. May 1885. She m. George W. CARLISLE 15 Jan 1904 in Taylor Co.
  4. Nora L. Skaggs.
  5. Lara E. Skaggs.
  6. Ellen L. Skaggs.
  7. Andy Butler Skaggs, b. Nov 1896.
  8. Flossie Skaggs.
Pictures and Stuff

From Zion Cemetery, Zion Separate Baptist Church, Maple:
    Jim and Chloe's gravestone

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart

Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Martha Skaggs James Skaggs William Skaggs Solomon Skaggs William Skaggs
Peggy Hoover
Patsy Prather
Emily Hedgespeth Holland Hedgespeth James Hedgespeth
Polly Bell George Bell
Rachel Goudy
Chloe Beard Joshua Beard William Beard Joseph Beard
Nancy Ray
Chloe Farris Joshua Farris
Mary Compton
Sallie Thompson Sol Thompson Drury Thompson
Lucy Thompson
Millie Bell William Bell
Lucy Law


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