Eli Bryant (1811-1874) and Mary Simmons (1819-)  

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b. 17 Nov 1811 in Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., MA, the son of Eli and Susan (WARREN) BRYANT
m. about 1842, probably in Suffield, CT
d. 1874 in Williamsburg, MA

b. 1819 in Suffield, CT
d. unknown

Eli and Mary settled in Chesterfield, where they raised their family. Eli was killed in the Mill River flood of 1874.

Children of Eli and Mary Bryant:

  1. Elizabeth E. Bryant, b. 1843. She m. Albert R. HOUSE 8 May 1862 in Chesterfield.
  2. Willard C. Bryant, b. 29 Jul 1844.
  3. Nelson J. Bryant, b. 1845.
  4. Isabella M. Bryant, b. 25 Mar 1848. She m. Joseph M. HAYDEN.
  5. Ellen Bryant, b. 5 Apr 1850.
  6. Samuel House Bryant, b. 10 Apr 1862; d. 10 Feb 1864.
Five-Generation Pedigree Chart
Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Willard Bryant Eli Bryant Eli Bryant Benjamin Bryant Benjamin Bryant
Abigail Randall
Ruxby Perry Benjamin Perry
Susan Warren Mather Warren
Esther Hart
Mary Simmons


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