Laverne Moore (1906-1981) and Rowena Barker (1916-1996)  

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LaVerne Lee MOORE
b. 26 Feb 1906 in Davis, Stephenson Co., IL, the son of Stephen and Mary (BAKEY) MOORE
m. 15 Mar 1933 in Winnebago Co., IL
d. 21 Jul 1981 in Durand, Winnebago Co., IL, bur. in Durand Cemetery

Rowena Georgeann BARKER
b. 4 Aug 1916 in Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL, the daughter of Arthur and Marian (RAY) BARKER
d. 1 Oct 1996 in Durand; bur. in Durand Cemetery

LaVerne and Rowena farmed at several different locations in the Davis & Durand area before finally settling in Durand, the Outhouse Capital of the USA. They had fifteen children.

Rowena married second Clark FERGUSON on 14 May 1988 in Lena, IL, his second wife.

Children of LaVerne and Rowena Moore:

  1. Robert Lee Moore, b. 10 May 1934. He m. Sharon WYSONG 9 Oct 1955. They had children Albert, Gary, Lee, Dennis, Dale, Jean, and Larry.
  2. Marian Louise Moore, b. 7 Nov 1935. She m. (1) Harry NEIDERMEIER 19 Sep 1953. They had children Jeffrey and Joseph. She m. (2) Daniel GRATTON 12 Jul 1963. She d. 13 May 1988 in Rockford, along with her son Joe, when they were struck by a drunk driver while returning from her mother's wedding rehersal.
  3. Stephen Richard Moore, b. 9 Apr 1937.
  4. Donald Laverne Moore, b. 14 Oct 1938. He m. 15 Jun 1963 Donna TALLEY. They had children Michael, Christine, Susan, and Thomas.
  5. William Henry Moore, b. 16 May 1940. He m. (1) Delores CLARK 2 Feb 1963. They had children John and Sarah. He m. (2) Charlotte WRIGHT 19 May 1979.
  6. Linda Lou Moore, b. 1 Jan 1942. She m. Paul KNOLL 27 Jan 1962. She died in an auto accident 24 Feb 1962, less than a month after she was married.
  7. Nancy Rae Moore, b. 25 Jul 1943. She m. (1) Leonard SMITH 19 Jan 1963. They had children Cinde Faye and Sue Ann. She m. (2) Roger BRYAN 1 Jun 1973. They had child Jason.
  8. Harriet Eileen Moore, b. 18 Aug 1944. She m. Gerald SCHULTZ 3 Mar 1962. They had children Candy, Teresa, Melissa, and Jennifer.
  9. Joanne Audree Moore, b. 7 Oct 1945. She m. 2 Nov 1963 Phillip BROOKS. They had children Mary and John.
  10. Shirley Ann Moore, b. 30 May 1947; d. 3 May 1985. She m. (1) John JOHNSON 3 Oct 1970. They had children Margaret and Ruth. She m. (2) Robert BARNUM 10 May 1972.
  11. Russell Allan Moore, b. 11 Jun 1948. He m. Cynthia YORK 26 Aug 1978. They had children Ronald, Patricia, and Amanda (the first two adopted by Russell).
  12. Kenneth Eugene Moore, b. 8 Nov 1949. He m. Janet Lawver 23 Jun 1973. They had child Brad.
  13. Harold Dean Moore, b. 27 Nov 1950. He m. Elizabeth DISMANG 9 Dec 1972. They had child Amy.
  14. Sharon Kay Moore, b. 22 Mar 1952. She m. (1) Sammy DISMANG 5 Jun 1972. She m. (2) Charles TROTTER 1 Mar 1976. They had child Connie. She m. (3) Wallace ARMISTEAD.
  15. David Lynn Moore, b. 1 Aug 1954; d. 1999. He was never married and had no issue.
Pictures and Stuff

Rowena with her mom and dad, circa 1925
Rowena with her mom and grandparents, July 1934
LaVerne and Rowena with his parents and family, 1934
LaVerne and Rowena and assorted unsavory characters, 1978
Grandpa scraping ice

The Great Santa's Outhouse Controversy
Santa comes to town
Christmas won't be the same

Article on Thanksgiving, 1977
Article on Thanksgiving, 1986
Rowena wins "Citizen of the Year"
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Santa comes to town

LaVerne's obituary
Another obituary
Rowena's obituary

From Durand Cemetery, Durand, IL:
    Gravestone of LaVerne and Rowena

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart

Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Stephen Moore Laverne Moore Stephen Moore Richard Moore David Moore
Ann Teachout
Caroline Bradley Stephen Bradley
Phebe --?--
Mary Bakey Henry Boeke Heinrich Boeke
Dorathea Diestelbruch
Louisa Runte Wilhelm Runte
Amalia Raeker
Rowena Barker Arthur Barker Wiliam Barker William Barker
Ann Bennett
Emma Sheppard Henry Sheppard
Eliza Pearce
Marian Ray Sylvester Ray Daniel Ray
Isabell Shatto
Jennie Peterson George Peterson
Eliza Anne Vibbard

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