John Oaks (ca1785-1855) and Barby Romans (1786-1815)  

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John D. OAKS
b. about 1785 in Chester Co., SC, the son of Daniel and Jennett OAKS
m. about 1805
d. 22 May 1855 in Taylor Co., KY

b. about 1786 in Washington Co., VA, the daughter of Jacob ROMANS
d. about 1815

John was a Baptist preacher. John and Barby had a family of five children, likely in VA. Barby died about 1815. The family moved to Taylor Co., KY sometime around 1815, possibly after Barby's death. John married Mary Anne 'Polly' --?-- about 1816. They had a family of four children.

Children of John and Barby Oaks:

  1. Hiram Oaks, b. 5 Feb 1806; d. 14 Jan 1876. He m. Chloe SHOFNER.
  2. Jennet Oaks, b. 1809; d. 26 Aug 1827. She m. Baily Corder SHOFNER. They had child Alexander.
  3. Jacob Roman Oaks, b. 30 Jul 1810. He m. Martha J. 'Patsy' SHOFNER 6 Aug 1832.
  4. Lucy Morning Oaks, b. about 1812.
  5. Isaac Oaks, b. 1812. He m. Barbary CHILDRESS.
  6. John D. Oaks, b. about 1814. He m. Sally RATLIFF.

Children of John and Polly Oaks:

  1. Mary 'Polly' Oaks, b. about 1816. She m. Calloway UNDERWOOD 26 Dec 1932.
  2. Nancy Oaks, b. about 1820; d. 23 Sep 1854. She m. John WRIGHT 17 Jul 1852.
  3. Sarah Oaks, b. 27 Aug 1825; d. 8 Apr 1865. SHe m. James L DESPAIN 21 May 1845.
  4. Daniel Oaks, b. 1826 in KY. He m. Elizabeth WRIGHT 1 Jul 1852.

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart

Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Lucy Oaks John Oaks Daniel Oaks
Jennett --?--
Barby Romans Jacob Romans


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