Benjamin Bryant (1734-1788) and Ruxby Perry  

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Benjamin BRYANT
b. 17 Oct 1734 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA, the son of Benjamin and Abigail (RANDALL) BRYANT
m. 16 Jul 1758 in Scituate
d. 3 Aug 1788 in Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., MA

b. unknown, probably in Scituate, the daughter of Benjamin PERRY
d. after 3 Aug 1788, probably in Chesterfield

Benjamin and Ruxby took part in the large migration from Scituate to Chesterfield, where they raised eleven children.

NOTE: The marriage of Benjamin Bryant and Ruxby Perry is given in the Scituate records, and History and Genealogy of Chesterfield says that Ruxby is the daughter of Benjamin Perry of Scituate. At least one reference says that this Ruxby Perry is Ruth Perry (b. 8 Sep 1723 in Scituate), the daughter of Benjamin and Ruth (Bryant) Perry. However, this is doubtful, as a 1723 birthdate would mean: (1) she was eleven years older than her husband Benjamin Bryant, and was not married until she was 35; and (2) her last child was born when she was 51. This is highly unlikely. It is more likely that Ruxby is the granddaughter of Benjamin and Ruth (Bryant) Perry through their son Benjamin (b. 1714).  I have not yet tracked down the family of the junior Benjamin Perry yet.

Children of Benjamin and Ruth Bryant:

  1. Hannah Bryant, b. 2 Nov 1758. She m. Nicholas JACOBS.
  2. George Bryant, b. 24 Jun 1760; d. 17 Sep 1803 in Chesterfield. He m. Peggy CLAPP 24 Oct 1782 in Northampton, MA. They had children Wealthy, Elletes, George, Abner, and Joseph.
  3. Abner Bryant, b. 17 Nov 1761, probably d. before 1788.
  4. Eunice Bryant, b. 15 Apr 1763. She m. Perez GRAVES.
  5. Rucksbee Bryant, b. 24 Nov 1764. She m. Southworth COLE 20 Jan 1783.
  6. Esther Bryant, b. 27 Aug 1766; d. 13 Nov 1769.
  7. Asahel Bryant, b. 6 Jan 1768; d. 20 Dec 1833 in Chesterfield. He m. Eunice WARREN 2 Sep 1790. They had children Rucksbee, Eunice, Asahel, Phidela, Consider, Hiram, Lucinda, Sereno, Nancy, Adison, Cementha, and Edward.
  8. Anne Bryant, b. 25 Apr 1770; d. 13 Dec 1778.
  9. Easter Bryant, b. 10 Jan 1771. She m. Joshua MAXWELL.
  10. Eli PERRY, b. 5 Sep 1773.
  11. Wealthy Bryant, b. 30 Mar 1774; d. 2 Jan 1779.
Five-Generation Pedigree Chart
Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Eli Bryant Benjamin Bryant Benjamin Bryant Thomas Bryant John Bryant
Mary Hiland
Mary Ewell Gershom Ewell
Mary Goodale
Abigail Randall Isaac Randall William Randall
Elizabeth --?--
Deborah Buck John Buck
Elizabeth Granger
Ruxby Perry Benjamin Perry


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