Gershom Ewell (1650-) and Mary Goodale  

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Gershom EWELL
b. 14 Nov 1650 in Scituate, the son of Henry and Sarah (ANNABLE) EWELL
m. unknown, about 1681
d. unknown

b. unknown, the daughter of Richard and Mary GOODALE
d. unknown

Gershom was a man of some means in Plymouth, being involved in many land deals and maritime shipping undertakings. He lived in the northern part of Scituate, in a place called Cold Spring.

Children of Gershom and Mary Ewell:

  1. Bethia Ewell, b. 3 Mar 1682, d. 23 Jan 1756. She m. Thomas ROGERS of Marshfield.
  2. Mary Ewell, b. Aug 1685.
  3. Sarah Ewell, b. 2 Feb 1687. She m. Edmund MOREY.
  4. Rebecca Ewell, b. 2 Apr 1690.
  5. Gershom Ewell, b. 24 Jan 1691/92. He m. Relief TURNER 25 Aug 1716.
  6. Hannah Ewell, b. 1 Feb 1694/95.
  7. Penelope Ewell, b. 18 Apr 1697. She m. Isaac HATCH of Scituate 7 Jan 1724.
  8. John Ewell, b. 27 Jun 1699.

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart

Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Mary Ewell Gershom Ewell Henry Ewell
Sarah Annable Anthony Annable
Jane Moumford
Mary Goodale Robert Goodale
Mary --?--


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