John Bryant (-1684) and Mary Hiland (1631-)  

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b. probably in England
m. Apr 1664 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA
d. 20 Nov 1684 in Scituate

bp. Tenterden, England 27 Mar 1631, the daughter of Thomas and Debora HILAND
d. after 1688

According to tradition, John Bryant arrived in America from Kent, England, aboard the Ann. He lived in Barnstable prior to settling in Scituate. He was a prominent man in the early history of Plymouth Colony. He married first Mary LEWIS on 4 Nov 1643 in Scituate. She was the daughter of George and Mary (JENKINS) LEWIS. They produced seven children before she passed away 2 Jul 1655. He married second Elizabeth WITHERILL, the daughter of Rev. William WITHERILL. They had no children. He married third Mary Hiland, they had a family of twelve children.

Children of John and Mary (Lewis) Bryant:

  1. John Bryant, b. 17 Aug 1644; d. Scituate 26 Jan 1707/08. He m. Mary --?--. They had children John, Jonathan, Mary, David, Joshua, Samuel, and Martha.
  2. Hannah Bryant, b. 25 Jan 1645/46. She m. John STODDARD of Hingham in 1665.
  3. Joseph Bryant, d. 16 Jun 1669 in Scituate.
  4. Sarah Bryant, b. 29 Sep 1648.
  5. Mary Bryant, b. 24 Feb 1649/50; d. 8 Apr 1652 in Scituate.
  6. Martha Bryant, b. 26 Feb 1651/52.
  7. Samuel Bryant, b. 6 Feb 1653/54; d. 1690 in Canada.

Children of John and Mary (Hiland) Bryant:

  1. Elizabeth Bryant, b. Aug 1665; d. 17 Dec 1683 in Scituate.
  2. Daniel Bryant. He m. Dorothy --?--. They had children Mercy, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Rachael, Rachael, and Elisha
  3. Mary Bryant.
  4. Benjamin Bryant, b. Dec 1669; d. 1701. He never married and had no issue.
  5. Joseph Bryant, b. 1671.
  6. Jabez Bryant, b. 18 Feb 1671/72; d. 1697. He never married and had no issue.
  7. Ruth Bryant, b. 16 Apr 1673. She m. William WANTON, who afterwards became governor of Rhode Island.
  8. Thomas Bryant, b. 15 Jul 1675.
  9. Deborah Bryant, b. 22 Jan 1676/77.
  10. Agatha Bryant, b. 12 Mar 1677/78.
  11. Ann Bryant, b. 20 Nov 1679.
  12. Elisha Bryant, b. 1682.
Five-Generation Pedigree Chart
Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Thomas Bryant John Bryant
Mary Hiland Thomas Hiland
Debora --?--


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