William Solomon Skaggs (1829-1901) and Emily Hedgespeth (1860-1890)  

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William Solomon SKAGGS
b. 28 Apr 1829 in Taylor Co., KY, the son of Solomon and Patsy (PRATHER) SKAGGS
m. 9 Jan 1829 in Taylor Co.
d. 1901 in Taylor Co.; bur in Zion Cemetery, Zion Separate Baptist Church, Maple, KY

Emily Frances HEDGESPETH
b. 13 Sep 1860 in Taylor Co., the daughter of Holland and Polly (BELL) HEDGESPETH
d. 1890 in Taylor Co.; bur in Zion Cemetery

Children of William and Emily Skaggs:

  1. Caroline Skaggs, b. 20 Nov 1850; d. 18 Jul 1908 in S.E. Buffalo, LaRue Co., KY. She m. John Thomas NELSON 28 Jan 1890 in Taylor Co.
  2. Mahala Skaggs, b. 21 Aug 1852. She m. Colbia PRICE 21 Aug 1852 in Taylor Co.
  3. Nancy Skaggs, b. 19 Dec 1853.
  4. James Alford Skaggs, b. 12 Oct 1855.
  5. Mary 'Polly' Skaggs, b. 27 Mar 1857; d. before 1870.
  6. Solomon Skaggs, b. 7 Nov 1858. He m. Eliabeth GOFORTH.
  7. William Riley Skaggs, b. 2 Jun 1860; d. 14 Jun 1894. He m. Eliza E. PRICE 24 Jul 1886 in LaRue Co.
  8. Robert Milton Skaggs, b. 4 Jan 1864. She m. Sarah Ettie HEDGESPETH 1 Sep 1887 in Taylor Co.
  9. Emily Francis Skaggs, b. 8 Dec 1866. She m. William Franklin SKAGGS 10 Feb 1887.
  10. Elizabeth I. 'Bettie' Skaggs, b. 9 May 1869. She m. Moses SPROWLES 12 Oct 1891 in LaRue Co.
  11. Holland Henry Skaggs, b. 9 Jan 1871; d. 25 Apr 1930 in Taylor Co. He m. Rebecca J. THOMPSON (daughter of James and Ellen (Bell) Thompson and sister of Frank Thompson) 16 Jul 1891 in Taylor Co.
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From Zion Cemetery, Zion Separate Baptist Church, Maple, KY:
    William and Emily's gravestone

Five-Generation Pedigree Chart

Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
James Skaggs William Skaggs Solomon Skaggs William Skaggs
Peggy Hoover
Patsy Prather William Prather
Emily Hedgespeth Holland Hedgespeth James Hedgespeth
Polly Bell George Bell James Bell
Francis Beasley
Rachel Goudy


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