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This somewhat egotistically-titled website presents the results of my family history research. Whether you're here because of bad genes, bad decisions, or a bad search engine, I welcome you. Click on a button to the right, wander around, and enjoy your stay.

This site is in its adolescence - I have grandiose plans and a long way to go. I have a lot of accumulated stuff that I don't have posted yet (I'm working on it). I also have to add sources and documentation in many places. For most of the families on my list, I'm still doing research to verify information and fill in details. I take frequent side journeys to learn more about particular places and events that strike my interest. And, of course, hopefully we'll add a new ancestor or two to the list every now and then. BOOKMARK NOW and come back often, because I'll be adding stuff all the time.

Disclaimer: It is important that amateur genealogists and family historians hold to the same standards of proof and documentation that professionals do. Not all of the work presented here meets that criteria. Some material was gathered from possibly unreliable sources and has not been verified yet, and references and documentation have not yet been provided for everything yet. Where I have not yet included references and documentation, the information presented should be considered only a working hypothesis and not proven fact.

If you have additional information to share, you would like to know what additional information/sources I might have, or you might be a long-lost relative, please drop me an email. Particularly if you're a rich long-lost relative.


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