Scott McGee's Genealogy Page

Scott McGee's Genealogy Page

Who I am

Be sure to check out my homepage for more information.

Why am I here?

Journals, etc.

I have some of the journals of my great great grandfather, Joel Hills Johnson (author of the LDS hymn High on the Mountain Top) online here. I am collecting more such Journals and Histories that you can look at.

The McCarthy Page

I have been asked to create a web presence for the McCarthy Family Organization that I am part of, and so have created The McCarthy Page. Feel free to look around. I will add more information there as it becomes available.

How to contact me

See my Home Page

Genealogy Information

I have other genealogical information such as histories and biographical data for several of my ancestors and others. To view this, see my Journals and Histories collection.

There is a wealth of both general guides to genealogy research and information about research in specific areas.

* There are archive sites for the Unix based LifeLines Genealogy software at

* Genealogy Resources on the Internet lists many other (www, ftp, usenet, email and telnet) internet resources.

* You may want to check the Family History section of the LDS Church's web site for more information..

* You might also want to try searching for genealogy or family history on one or more of the search engines on the net. Google is my favorite.

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