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Lookups for the Yorkton area

 Volunteers are needed to do lookups. If you have a book(s) or other resources on the Yorkton Area, and would like to do lookups, please email me and let me know and I will post them. THANKS! When requesting a Lookup from a volunteer, please put "Lookup Request Yorkton Region" in the subject line. Please make your request as clear and brief as possible. And please remember to say thank you!   Also check Our Roots, a collection of digitzed local history books that have been placed online.

Some Online Books

  • Gerald: Tapestry of tribute -- St. Wenceslaus Church, Gerald, Saskatchewan [1983]
  • Grenfell -- Grit Growth, the story of Grenfell [1980]
  • Indian Head -- Indian Head : history of Indian Head and district [1984]
  • Melville -- Melville, the West's wonder town. [1910]
  • Willowbrook -- Cherished memories of Silver Willow [1985]
  • Wolseley --Bridging the past : Wolseley & district, 1880-1980  |  Wheat wealthy Wolseley : the grain golden city of the central west [1910]
  • Yorkton -- Yorkton : York Colony to Treasure Chest City [1982]
  • There is also a quaint item of historical fiction. Qu'Appelle -- historical fiction -- Comrades Two, by Elizabeth Fremantle [1907]
  • Lookup Resource
    E-Mail Address
    Dance on the Bridge: A History Abernethy and Area
    Lorna McLean
    Furrows in Time: A History of Balcarres & District
    Lorna McLean
    The Ties That Bind, The History of Melville, Sask.
    Ray Tank
    Theodore and District History
    Rita Chernoff
    Neudorf Memories of Pioneer Roots
    Doug Gent
    Down Through the Ages, a history of the DOWN, DUNSMORE and TEBB families
     Roy Nicholl
    Between the Touchwoods: A history of Punnichy and Districts
     Diana Breti
    Tales of Tantallon: 1903-1973
    Includes the district area of: Tantallon Village, Valley View, West Valley, Holar, New Finland (Convent Creek & Nurmi-Oja School Districts) & South Valley (Bear Creek-Oak Dene-Longwood)

    UNINDEXED: Please be patient for replies as the book must be gone through page by page for surnames.

     Pat McCabe
    75 Years 1913-1988, RM of Garry 245 History

    Including: Beaverdale, Fitzmaurice, Homefield, Jedburgh & Parkview

     Kathy Rosenkranz

    Please note: I do not have Yorkton lookup books.