Sask Wheat Pool 60 years- 1924 Map and 1984 Map

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool 60 Years 1924-1984

Sask Cooperative Elevator
Company Ltd

Elevator System for 1924-1925

C.P.R. o---o---o---o
C.N.R. o==o==o==o

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Country Elevator System

August 1, 1983

o++o++o++o Canadian National Railways
o---o---o---o Canadian Pacific Railways

This web site was made with permission from the Sask. Wheat Pool. It is the intention of this site to make Saskatchewan town names and locations as of 1924-1925 and of August 1, 1983 available to persons with a historical or genealogical in this area. Any town name with a question mark indicates that that town was hard to read or a possible name change any clarification in this regard can be forwarded to the Webmaster so that the website can be corrected and updated for future users of this site. There are no service charges or fees for use of this map service, and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use. Any further use of these maps would require permission from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Company as per copyright laws in Canada.

Saskatchewan Towns Alphabetical Listing 1924 | 1984 :

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1947-48 | 1950-51 | 1952-53 Saskatchewan Pool Country Elevator System MAPS

It has been a pleasure to have enabled the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Maps to come online. Many families who grow up in Saskatchewan have had latest Wheat Pool Map on a wall in the kitchen. It is very rewarding to have been able to have access to the rare historical 1924-25, 1947-48, 1950-51, 1952-53, 1984 Sask Wheat Pool Maps. To come online and share the evolution and changes of rural Saskatchewan through these 60 years of our history with world wide visitors is wonderful. Locating an ancestor's homestead helps pieces of a genealogy puzzle to fall into place. Thank you ever so much for visiting!

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Tsp=township: North South Rge=Range: East West
The August 1, 1983 map included the following information in its index:
*=Town has a Pool Elevator o=Town has no Pool Elevator in 1983 index
D=refers to the Wheat Pool District S=Pool Sub-district in which the place is indicated.
Districts and Sub-districts are shown on the (August 1, 1983) calendar map.
(Webmaster note: The present Wheat Pool Districts and sub-districts have changed since 1984.)