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Elevator System for 1924-1925

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Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Country Elevator System

August 1, 1983

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This web site was made with permission from the Sask. Wheat Pool. It is the intention of this site to make Saskatchewan town names and locations as of 1924-1925 and of August 1, 1983 available to persons with a historical or genealogical in this area. There are no service charges or fees for use of this map service, and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use. Any further use of these maps would require permission from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Company as per copyright laws in Canada.Webmaster

Saskatchewan Towns Alphabetical Listing

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A Comparison of 1924-1950 Rail lines

Nipawin- Tisdale
Place Name Notes

1924 SWP Map 1950 SWP Map
End of Rail End of Rail
Nipawin 50-14-W2 Nipawin 50-14-W2
Codette 6-50-14-W2 Codette 6-50-14-W2
Lurgan 49-14-W2 Pontrilas 49-14-W2
Pickthall 48-14-W2 Armley 48-14-W2
Leacross 7-47-14-W2 Leacross 7-47-14-W2
Runciman 24-46-15-W2 Runciman 24-46-15-W2
Airedale 45-15-W2 Lurgan 45-15-W2
Tisdale 1-45-15-W2 Tisdale 1-45-15-W2

Wadena - Sheho
Place Name Notes

1924 SWP Map 1950 SWP Map
Wadena 28-34-13-W2 Wadena 28-34-13-W2
Reigate 34-13-W2 Tornea 34-13-W2
Fishing Lake 11-33-12-W2 Fishing Lake 11-33-12-W2
Harold 32-11-W2 Edfield 29-32-11-W2
Echo Lake 31-10-W2 Layco 19-31-10-W2
Tufnell 33-30-10-W2 Goudie 35-30-10-W2
Sheho 9-30-9-W2 Sheho 9-30-9-W2
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