Saskatchewan Wheat Pool 1952-1953 Map

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Saskatchewan Pool Country Elevator System 1952-53

Saskatchewan Pool
Country Elevator System
1952-53 Districts

District 16 1952-53 SWP District 15 1952-53 SWP District 14 1952-53 SWP District 8 1952-53 SWP District 12 1952-53 SWP District 13 1952-53 SWP District 12 1952-53 SWP District 11 1952-53 SWP District 10 1952-53 SWP District 9 1952-53 SWP District 7 1952-53 SWP District 6 1952-53 SWP District 5 1952-53 SWP District 4 1952-53 SWP District 3 1952-53 SWP District 2 1952-53 SWP District 1 1952-53 SWP
Scale: Each Township grid is 6 miles by 6 miles.