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From: Fred Gilbertson
Date: 09 February 1999
Email: [email protected]

My mother was born in Stoughton, Sask in 1915 to Donald Alexander MacKenzie and Zilla Donnelly MacK.. Her mother and little sister crossed the border at Portal and went by train to Lambert, Montana. I assume that my Grandfather stayed in Canada and died there. I was told he was an RCMP, but do not know that for sure. Mother was adopted from her mother and lived in Wisconsin until her death in 1986. She never wanted any contact with her birth family so I have little to go on except a few papers and pictures in her things left after her death. I have searched MacKenzie postings on the net here in the U.S. with no results yet.
I am new to this type of research and would appreciate any directions you could give.

From: Barry Leibel
Date: 22 February 1999
E-mail: [email protected]

I'm looking for info reg. Robert DIXON, spouse Edith, children Leonard, Thom, Myrtle, Robert, Jessie, Art, Annie, Ada, Grace, Dorthy and Ruth

From: Judy Allen
Date: 05 March 1999
E-Mail: [email protected]

TAYLOR: Taylorton. We have a family tradition that suggests that my
(great) grandfather's brother was the man after whom Taylorton was
named. He was a Salvation Army officer from England. Have you any
information on the foundation of the town. Thank you
Judy Allen (nee Taylor)

From: Frank van Betuw
Date: 15 March 1999
Email: [email protected]

My name is Frank van Betuw and I am from Dunedin, New Zealand. I am trying to locate a van Betuw family who is residing in the Weyburn area. I have made contact with the The Weyburn reveiw who replied by saying to look in the rental area of there newspaper where I saw that there was a van Betuw Motels. This gave a phone number. As you may well understand I do
not feel as though I can ring them because of distance and would probably think who is this person. Would you please if at all possible pass this message onto them or relay there address back to me as I wish to crrespond with them. Tell them that I saw there son Nathan in the Weyburn review ( on the internet ) which caught me by supprise as my father told me that there were
van Betuws only in Holland and Indonesia.( although one now lives in Australia) The van betuw family orginates from the Arnhem area in the Netherlands and there are not to many of us. I myself are married and have 2 children Jaimee and Sam.
My address is Frank van Betuw
8 Mataora Road,
New Zealand

Thank you very much Frank

From: Diane
Date: 19 March 1999
Email: [email protected]

KULACZ/KULACH Valentine (Walenty) dob 2-13-1864 in Kolbuszowa, Poland m. Mary MATULA (dob. 2-2-1874) on 2-21-1892. Began homesteading in Woseley about 1903. Moved to Candiac (year unknown). 7 children: Michael, Francis, Louis, Julia (Muzyka), Joseph, Thadeus & Joseph. Looking for any family and information on how they came from Poland...possible port of entry....censuses...schools in area...cemeteries. There may have been other children who died very young 1903-1910.

I'd be happy to hear from you. Diane

From: Jim Dewar
Date: 02 April 1999
Email: [email protected]
My name is Jim Dewar. I wonder if I might trouble you with a question? I am trying to find information on my grandfather. His name was William McMillan Dewar, he was born somewhere in Canada in 1875. He married Amanda (Mandy) Elizabeth Burman on December 31, 1912 in Estevan, Weyburn Region, Saskatchewan at the Westminister Presbyterian Church.
Does this Church still exist and if so, how can I get copies of the marriage certificate? I am most interested in finding William's parents, who I have found to be very elusive!
I would very much appreciate any help you could provide me. Thank you!

Jim Dewar

From: Barbara Neville
Date: 02 April 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am interested in finding information on my family (Hodgins) who went to Oxbow Sask. in 1902. The whole family came out the following is a list of their names.
John Hodgins (dad)
Elizabeth Hodgins (mom)
Robert Newton (died May 24 1902 buried in Oxbow)
Florence Married a Wilford Laurier MacLean moved to Viewfield Sask.
Edna born perhaps in Oxbow.

From: Sue (Lavigne) Gendron
Date: 01 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

Anyone remember the Lavigne family (Alfred & Mary Jane) who lived on a large farm near Redvers or Antler?
We're planning a trip soon to take my 86 year old father back there.

From: Sharon Gallup
Date: 03 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

Searching for family of Adam and Edith-Anne PaganPAGAN from the YellowGrass area and whom may have moved to Weyburn.

From: Eileen Richards
Date: 15 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

Researching the family of John C CURRIE b c 1868 and his wife Mary Jane PETERKIN 1866-1935 believe to be buried in a cemetery at Milestone Sask. Children Mary Marjorie and Katie Jean who married Donald McEACHRAN. Would like to contact McEACHRAN descendants, and would like to know name of newspaper for Milestone. Any information very much appreciated.

From: Vicky
Date: 17 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

I'm writing to inquire about records which contain Ralph Noffsingers name. His father was David Edward Noffsinger,his mother was May Belle Stull. He was born in 1904 in Weyburn and saskatchewan is done twice. Is there a saskatchewan county? His brothers and sisters are Walter,Amy,Laura,Laurance,Elsworth,and Kenneth.
I had no idea I had family in Canada. If you can help I would be eternally greatful as it has taken me 18 months to get this far!!!

From: David R. Elliott
Date: 23 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for date of birth and date of death information on my grandfather, Robert Maxwell Elliott who was a farmer near Davin, Sask. He died about 1908 or 1909.
Thank you,
David R. Elliott

From: Lynne Thompson
Date: 09 July 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am Lynne Thompson from Stonewall MB. I am looking for information about the McEwen family who settled in Alameda. I do not know when they arrived, but his is the family history which I do have:
Peter McEwen married Jessie ? They had the following children: Isabella, Duncan (b. July 19, 1858), James, Jeanette (b. Sept 29, 1862 Smith Falls ON), Martha, Mary Ann, John Anderson , Norman Alec. These last 2 boys were twins. Duncan McEwen married Sarah Riddell (born October 1 1847) They both died in 1901 but had one daughter Jessie Elvira born September 13, 1893 in Alameda.. Jessie was raised by her Uncle George Riddell who lived in Carlyle MB, Jeanette McEwen married George Riddell . They had the folowing children. Jessie Parmellia, Ruby Bell and Emma M. Martha McEwen married ? Abercrombie and had the following children: Edith and William.
If anyone has any information on these people, I would love to hear from you.
Thank you for your help. Lynne

From: Lynne Thompson
Date: 09 July 1999
Email: [email protected]


I am Lynne Thompson from Manitoba. I am looking for information on the Riddell family who may have settled in the Alameda area. I do not know where they came from, or when they arrived, but this is what I do know.
John Riddell was born in September 24, 1802 in Dumfrieshire Scotland, (Came to Canada July 1824), Permillia Hardy was born July 31, 1805. They had the following children: Henrietta Riddell (McCrea), Jennett H. b. Nov 2 1820 married ? Taylor), James, David (b. Jan 1 1834), Hannah (b. Jan 26 1836 married Chant), Robert (b. March 28 1839), Abraham (b. June 7 1841), Mary A. (b. April 19, 1843, married ? Lavert ), William N. (b. March 10 1845), Sarah (Born Oct 1, 1847, married Duncan McEwen), George (b. Nov 4, 1852 married Jeanette Mcewen). Duncan and Sarah both died in 1901after having a child, Jessie Elvira (b.September 13, 1893 in Alameda). Jessie was raised by her aunt and uncle Jeanette and George Riddell.
I have found the George and Jeanette line as Jessie is my husband's grandmother, but would like to contact anyone with information on the other Riddells. I think they came through Crystal City MB on their treck west as the Taylor branch is there.. I do not know how many lived in Alameda.
Thank you for all your help. Lynne

From: Bob Ryan
Date: 19 July 1999
Email: [email protected]

Still seeking info on Ryan/Borden family. I may have some additrional info. George Ryan may have been born 1879 in Newfoundland and moved to Quebec in 1898. I have located this on the 1901 census. He then may have married ? Borden and they migrated to the Oxbow area. They had 5 children Frank, Kathleen, Donna,Stewart and Harry. Donna died in 1918 and George in 1916. Can you assist in pinning down the facts and perhaps any other info on parentage etc.

From: George Lowe
Date: 25 July 1999
Email: [email protected]

My father was born somewhere in the Weyburn area in a "soddy" where his mother and father operated a post office in 1906. The name of the place was called Loweton and their names were James Byron Lowe And Alice Maud (Ruttan) Lowe. They maintained the post office from May 1, 1906 till January 22, 1910. It was operated by George E. Rosabeck (possibly Rorabeck) from April 1, 1909 till September 9, 1909 and by Herbert A. Hurlburt from October 8, 1909 till it was closed on January 22, 1910. According to the data I have the "soddy" post office was located at SW part of Sec.4, Twp.2, R.10, W2.
Thank you very much,
George Lowe

From: Annie
Date: 15 August 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for anyone connected to this family. Cecelia CERNY was my greataunt.
Descendants of Herman James Wheeler
1 Herman James WHEELER b: April 21, 1875 U.S?/Canada?/Wisconsin?
d: August 15, 1951
.. +Cecelia Mary Cerny WHEELER b: 1868-1876 Medovy Ujized?, Bohemia,
Czechoslavakia/Norway? m: 1890-1891 d: July 08, 1940 Estevan,
Saskatchewan, Canada b: unknown
.. 2 Mary Mae Wheeler TUBBS b: May 19, 1893 St. Ansgar, Mitchell County,
Iowa, U.S.A. d: Aft. 1975
...... +Bert TUBBS b: Abt. 1893 m: 1913 d: 1975
...... 3 Alpha Tubbs GUYETTE b: Aft. 1913 d:
.......... 4 Bonna Jean Thomas SIBLEY b: Aft. 1933 d:
.............. 5 Bonna Jean THOMAS b: Aft. 1953 d:
.. 2 Homer WHEELER b: 1894-1901 d:
.. 2 Francis George 'Frank' WHEELER b: 1895-1896 d: October 20,
1957 Age 61/
.. 2 Clayton Charles WHEELER b: August 17, 1897 Osage, Mitchell County,
Minnesota, U.S.A. d:
...... +? b: m: December 11, 1942 d:
.. 2 Hazel WHEELER b: February 09, 1901 Union Township, Mitchell County,
Iowa, U.S.A. d:
.. 2 Marjorie WHEELER b: Aft. 1903 d:

I am also researching this WHEELER family and am looking for anyone who connects to it. Clara was my greataunt's niece.

Descendants of Homer Wheeler

1 Homer WHEELER b: Abt. 1898 from Estavan, Canada d: Austin,
Mower County, Minnesota, U.S.A.?/Estavan, Canada?
.. +Clara (twin) Svejkovsky WHEELER b: October 31, 1898 Austin?,
Mower County, Minnesota, U.S.A. m: Abt. 1918 Austin, Mower County, Minnesota,
U.S.A. d: May 30, 1934 Austin, Mower County, Minnesota, U.S.A. b: Oakwood
Cemetery, Austin, Mower County, Minnesota
.. 2 Loren Merle "Bert" WHEELER b: December 04, 1918 d: August 08,
1989 Austin, Mower County, Minnesota, U.S.A. b: 1989 Fort Snelling
Cemetery, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.
...... +Donna Krokas WHEELER b: Abt. 1918 m: Abt. 1938 d:
...... 3 Bethany WHEELER b: Aft. 1938 d:
...... 3 Cecelia "Sue" Wheeler WILLIAMS b: Aft. 1938 d:
.......... +Mike WILLIAMS b: Abt. 1938 m: d:
...... 3 Cynthia WHEELER b: Aft. 1938 d:
...... 3 Debie Wheeler HANSON b: Aft. 1938 d:
.......... +Richard HANSON b: Abt. 1938 m: Abt. 1958 d:
...... 3 Linda Wheeler GERMICK b: Aft. 1938 d:
.......... +John GERMICK b: Abt. 1938 m: d:
...... 3 Marjorie "Margie" Wheeler HANNA b: Aft. 1938 d:
.......... +Scott HANNA b: Abt. 1938 m: d:
...... 3 VoAnn Wheeler EDDY b: Aft. 1938 d:
.......... +Mr. EDDY b: Abt. 1938 m: d:
.. 2 Fern Wheeler NELSON b: Aft. 1919 d:
...... +Morris NELSON b: Abt. 1915 m: Abt. 1939 d:
...... 3 Girl1 NELSON b: Aft. 1939 d:
...... 3 Girl2 NELSON b: Aft. 1939 d:
...... 3 Boy NELSON b: Aft. 1939 d:
.. 2 Melvin Earl WHEELER b: 1924 d: 1924 Infant b: 1924 Oakwood
Cemetery, Austin, Mower County, Minnesota, U.S.A.

From: Marjorie Jensen (Friess)
Date: 16 August 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for my mothers parents....their name was Dorninger. They live in the Weyburn area in 1929 or 1930. If you heard of this name or know of anyone that can relate to it I would appreciate a e-mail from you.

From: Rich Coleman
Date: 22 August 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am searching for information on relatives of Charlie Wesley SMITH and his wife Minnie Eveline KIRKHOFF. Their son Frank Justus SMITH was married to Edna BOGARDUS, he died March 6, 1940 in Beaubier. Their son Edward Wayne SMITH was married to Iva MOWERY, he died July 11, 1960 in Weyburn. Their daughter Olive SMITH married John E. BARTZ, she died January 13, 1969 in Regina. Charlie, Minnie and the rest of their family moved to Washington State in the1920's. Included in that migration was my great-grandfather Richard Denny COLEMAN,his wife Margaret Rebecca SMITH and their children, who were all born in Maxim or the surrounding area. Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

From: Andre Letain
Date: 05 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

Hello! My name is Andre Letain. I am looking for any information on a Joseph Desjardins who lived a long time ago in Weyburn. I believe he used to live in Dollard moving before moving to Weyburn. Joseph was born around 1877 and married Adwilda Morice in 1903. As far as I know both Joseph and Adwilda died in Weyburn. Assuming Joseph lived the average age, this would make his death in the 1940 or around there (no clue?). Perhaps some old timer from the town may remember something. I am really interested if there are any descendants from his family that I could get in contact with.

From: Wilma Smith
Date: 09 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

My grandfather, Wellington Smith, farmed in the Montmarte area in the early 1900's. I do not know the exact date but do know that they went back to Ontario around 1918. Looking for location of farm. Could you tell me where I could obtain information on land records? Any assistance you can give me is appreciated.
Wilma Smith, Brandon, MB

From: Lorinda (Wiley) Denton
Date: 01 October 1999
Email: [email protected]

My Grandfather's family lived in Weyburn, Sask. around the late 1800's and into the 1900's. Their last name is Wiley.
I am trying to find additional information on his family. I know that they lived in Moose jaw, Sask. in the early 1900's. I believe my Great Uncle stayed in Canada and died there actually two uncles. Robert Edward Wiley and George James Wiley.

From: George K Montgomery
Date: 21 October 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for information on JOHN GROUETTE who married Nellie Mae CURTIS 28 Nov 1918 in
Langbank. His father was named Jean Batiste GROUETTE and his mother was Louise KLYNE.
He is buried in a cemetery in Kennedy, Sask.

From: Marjorie
Date: 31 October 1999
Email: [email protected]

I would appreciate your help in reaching someone in Bekever, Sask who has knowledge of those who were
there around 1911. I have a John Kovacs who lived in Manitoba and the National Archives insist the John Kovacs from Bekever is the same person. The Bekever JK was a Presbyterian minister who got his naturalization papers in Moosomin -- miles away from my JK in Gimli, Manitoba. If I could verify facts of the Bekever JK perhaps I could convince them to look for same name in Manitoba index cards. I would appreciate someone contacting me who might be able to help
regarding a minister named John Kovach who was a resident in Bekevar in 1911. My grandfather had the same Christian and surname and the government insists the information is my grandfather's. My g-father lived in Gimli, Manitoba in 1911 and it seems strange that this would be the only gov't information that gives conflicting information.
Marjorie in Saint John, NB

From: Andy Mills
Date: 11 November 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for information on the following families in Gray, Sask:


My husband's great-grandfather was Arthur GREENSLADE. He was born around 1872-1874 in Hickson or Woodstock, Ontario, to James Greenslade and Emma Giles. Arthur, and his brother William, moved to Gray, Sask, and lived there around
1900-1915. In Gray, Arthur met and married Lillian ARMSTRONG or CAMPBELL. According to her daughter, Lillian was probably born in England or Scotland, and was said to have Yardley and Campbell relations. She had been educated at a Catholic convent, and was a classically trained concert pianist. She played piano in her church in Gray.
Children of Arthur and Lillian:
Monica b. 1909 Gray, Sask.
Mabel b. 1912 Gray
Eileen b. 1914 Gray
Flora Mae Greenslade b. March 1, 1915 in Regina, Sask.
Viola b. 1918 London, Ont.
Jean b. 1921 London, Ont.

Arthur GREENSLADE's brother, William, also went to Gray, Saskatchewan around the same time. He married Alice HAGGERLY, and had a daughter Elsie who married John RICHARDS. Elsie and John's children were Ella, Walter and Morris.

From: Bev Seniuk
Date: 14 November 1999
Email: [email protected]

Hello to all,
I have ben trying to find information on my mothers family. I am having some trouble since I have no info beyond my grandparents names, both are deceased. My mother is Mabel MacLean (Desjarlais). Grandmother: Flora Clemitine McArthur,Roberts, Desjarlais, Grandfather, Alec Desjarlais.My mother is registered With the White Bear Native Band through her mother.My grandmother attended the Lebret Native School, (Qu'Appelle Industrial School ).That would have been many years ago since my grandmother was in her 100th ?? when she passed away. My great-grandmother was Hantankac Growing Stone Sitting Stone daughter of Pheast-rump. Pheasant-rump Band of Moose Mountain Sask., Which I understand to be White Bear Band now. I would appreciate any info regarding this,and being sent in the right direction. Many regarding to those searching. Bev

From: Marg McFarlane
Date: 15 November 1999
Email: [email protected]

Am looking for the family of Miles Edmund BACON and Catherine (Kitty) Amelia LAMB who apparently lived in the Wordsworth area and were given land grants near there. Any connections or information gratefully accepted.

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