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Ancestry Skvarenina -genealogy

We are sending you the genealogical search about Skvarenina's from Bosany.

The eldest member of Your ancestry about which we find information in the register of the Roman Catholic vicarage in the Bosany (they were retained since the year 1722) was Jozef Skvarenina.  According to the record listed after his death he had to be born around the year 1730.  Therefore we reviewed the birth registers of the mentioned vicarage from the years 1725-1747, but we haven't found his birth record.  It is possible that he was born in the different, to us unknown, place.  It is possible that he was the son of the Jan and Dorota Skvarenina to whom was born their daughter Anna in the 8.februar 1737 in the Bosany (at that time Vel'ke Bosany).  We haven't been able to find any of her siblings in the register thus we cannot take this theory unambiguously for granted.

Jozef Skvarenina was married before the year 1764 with unspecified Katarina that gave birth to two children:

Barbora                *9.april I764 (* indicates born on this date)
Helena                  *7.july 1765

But Katarina Skvarenina died 14. august 1965 as a 28-year old. Jozef has thus married again. In the 6. october 1765, Barbara Kopecky became his wife.  She was born 11. january 1746 in Bosany (Vel'ke Bosany) in the family of Juraj and Katarina KopeckY.  She gave birth to another 11 children:

Adam                 *4. december 1766
Matej                  *20. february 1768
Juraj                    *24. december 1769
                             + 14. august 1792 (+ indicates died on this date)
Stefan                 *26. december 1771
                             +9. january 1772
Ruzena               *9. march 1773
Jozef                    *16. march 1774
                             +21. january. 1777
Jan                      *25. august 1776
Jozef                   *7. february 1779
Stefan                *14. august 1781
Anna                  *22. april 1784
Katarina            *20. october 1788
                            +28. october 1788

The family lived in the Vel'ke Bosany, where Jozef Skvarenina died  16. november 1794. His wife outlived him for a few years.  She died in the Vel'ke Bosany in the 3. january 1808.

Their son Matej Skvarenina has got married with Helena Kincek (Kincsek) in the 13. november 1791 at Vel'ke Bosany.  She was born in the 2. may 1771 in the Ve1'ke Bosany in the family of Stefan and Katarina Kincek.  Matej and Katarina had six children:

Jozef                  *2. august 1794
Stefan               *25. april1797
                           +7. may 1797
Jan                     * 1. august 1798
Stefan               *2. march 1802
Juraj                  *29. may 1806
Katarina           *2. january 1810
Adam               *18. december 1813
                           +28. march 1817

Family lived in the Vel'ke Bosany and their social ranking was not inside the sphere of richness. That is to say that Matej Skvarenina lived as a herdsman. He died in the 8.january 1839.  We haven't found the date and the place of the death of his wife.

Their son Jozef Skvarenina has got married in the 7. november 1815 in Vel'ke Bosany with Maria Halmo, born  20 March 1796 in Vel'ke Bosany in the family of Jan Halmo and Eva, born as Gogola.  Jozef and Maria had 8 children:

Stefan               *8. january 1820
Anna                 *27.july 1822
                           +20. april1869
Maria                *23. may 1825
Jozef                  *6. april1828
Jan                    *3. september 1830
                           +26.july 1835
Julianna           * 17. july or 17. june 1836
Jan                    *1. may 1839
Barbora            * 11. april 1842

THe family lived in the Vel'ke Bosany in the house with number 21.  Jozef Skvarenina was herdsman like his father. He died in the 16. april 1877 in Ve1'ke Bosany similarly to his wife that died in the 31. December 1887, who was listed as age 89 in the Matricula Defunctorum, although she was actually 91.

Their son Jozef Skvarenina has got married in the 21. january 1850 in Vel'ke Bosany with Anna Dolnik of uncertain origin.  In the time horizon that matches the period of time of her birth were born in Vel'ke Bosany two Anna Dolnik's.  First in the 26. september 1833 in the family of Jozef Dolnik and Magdalena, born as Zani; second in the 11. november 1833 in the family of Martin Dolnik and Katarina, born as Korec.  Because in any of the found records aren't any indications about her origin, we can't state with certainty, to which of
them it relates.

Married couple had children:

Anna                  *4 November 1859, Velke Bosany (no death listed in her record, perhaps she died   in Klatova Nova Ves)
Matej                  *15. february 1852, Vel'ke Bosany
Jozef                   *26. september 1856, Vel'ke Bosany
Stefan                 *around 1866, Klatova Nova Ves1
Anna                  *16. october 1870, Klatova Nova Ves

1 We haven't found the accurate date of his birth in the register of the Roman Catholic vicarage in the K1atova Nova Ves.  Birth register from this date is seriously harmed.  In the concrete, from more than forty records from the year 1866 only just one half has been preserved. Unfortunately, not even the second writing of this registry has been preserved.

Jozef Skvarenina with family lived in the Vel'ke Bosany, in the house 48 (around the year 1852), house 37 (around the year 1856) and before the year 1865 in the K1atova Nova Ves, in the house 43, where they have been reached by the census of the entire land.  According to the census, they lived in the listed house, that was single-storied, has got one kitchen, room and store-room. Attached to the house was a farm, that consisted of
sheep-fold, floor and some halls. In the census, it is stated that Jozef was herdsman, similarly
to his ancestors, but he lived also of water-ferrying.  He didn't know how to read or write, whereas his wife was able to read.  More learned were their children Matej and Jozef, that understood reading and writing.  They lived also with two herdsmen (Michal Badnuska and Stefan Lauko) and one servant maid (Anna Bartos).

We haven't found death dates of Jozef and Anna Skvarenina up to end of the year 1899, i.e. period, from which the registers of the Roman Catholic vicarages that resided in the Ve1'ke Bosany and Klatova Nova Ves are stored in our archive. Probably they died after this date.

Anna appears to have died October 27, 1890 from pneumonia.  She is listed as 57 on the Bosany Matricula Defunctorum (death list).  If that is accurate, then she would appear to be to be the Anna born in Sept 1833.

Their son Stefan Skvarenina has got married in the 17. november 1890 with Katarina Korec, doughter of the Jan Korec and Maria Samel, born in the 22. june 1874.  Up to the year 1899 they have got five children, two of them you have stated as your ancestors:

Katarina             * 16.November 1891
                             +29.December 1891
Maria                  *2.November 1893
Peter Anton      *18.June 1895 (Peter came to the US in 1912 and lived in Kenosha)
Jan                     *17.5.1897
Anton                *13.5.1899 (Tony came to the US in 1926 and lived in Kenosha and Chicago)

According to the marriage record, Stefan was a veteran "husar" and then farmer. He died similarly to his wife after 1899.

MSc. Sarlota Drahosova