Maria 1912

Marya (Maria)  Skvarenina, age 18, 1912

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Maria traveled to Kenosha, WI to stay with a cousin Floris Hrodal.  She listed her father as Janos Skvarenina.  In 1922, Serafine Skvarenina listed her sister Maria Dolnik in Kenosha as her destination.  Perhaps, Maria married someone named Dolnik.  There is a Julius Dolnik listed as a witness for the citizenship of Anthony in 1932 and Peter in 1926.

Maria was apparently traveling to America with Anna (40) and Mary (19) Korecz who were mother and daughter.  The Korecz women indicated they were going to NJ to visit Anna's nephew, however.  This is unusual, as Anna's husband remained behind and is listed as the closest relative back home.