Anna Novak Skvarenina

Anna Novak Skvarenina

Anna was born September 17, 1903 in Mochnya, Hungary, which is now known as Chminany, Slovakia.  Her parents were Anna Lescinski and Tomas Novak.

It appears that Tomas came to the US in 1905.  The two Anna's followed in January of 1906.  In October 1906, a second daughter was born, Mary, followed by Elizabeth in November 1911, Margaret in January 1922, and a still living sister in May 1926.  In addition, three additional sisters, (Julie, Agnes, and Julie) died in infancy.  This following is a family picture from 1913, showing (L-R) Anna, Anna, Elizabeth, Tomas, and Mary

Anna married Julius Skvarenina in 1920.  The 1920 census indicates that she was working as a seamstress, a career she continued until she retired.  The 1930 census indicates she was 17 when she was married.

Julius and Anna had three children, Stephen born October 1921, Julius born February 1923, and Ann born in 1924.

The following picture is the wedding of Mary Novak in 1926, which includes the Anna and Julius Skvarenina family.

The young man on the far right is believed to be a Skvarenina, although his identity is not known at present.  The children of Mary and Paul Swiatko believe the individual was Julius's brother, but it may have been a cousin of Julius.

Elizabeth became a Franciscan Nun and lived until 1997.   Here is a picture of Anna and Sister Protase in the mid-1970's.


Anna died in February 1981.  Here is a picture of her at Christmas-time in 1980, two months before her death.

She is buried at Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery outside Chicago, with her husband Julius and son Julius.