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Welcome to the Skvarenina genealogy and history homepage.  The name Skvarenina originates from what is now known as Bosany, Slovakia.  

In the Slovak language, the word "skvarenina" apparently was a dialect name for scrambled eggs, but is seldom used anymore.  It can also be a general term for something that is roasted or blazed.   It seems to be related to the words "skvarit sa" (to sizzle) and "skvarka" (lard).

Prior to WW I, there was no country called Slovakia or Czechoslovakia.  The area encompassing those countries was included in Austria-Hungary.  Slovakia was part of Hungary and due to repression by the Magyars (Hungarians), many Slovaks emigrated to the United States.  This is a picture of modern-day Bosany.




There were 2 villages called Kis (little) Bossány and Nagy (large) Bossány, which are now called Vel'ké (large) Bosany and Malé (little) Bosany
in Slovak.

The first reference to the name Skvarenina that I have found in the United States is a marriage in 1894 of Johan Skvarenina to Antonie Kasala in Chicago, Illinois.   

To date I have found 30 Skvarenina's in the Ellis Island database.  The overwhelming majority came from Bosany, although some came from neighboring communities such as Ban, Miezegovce, and Holbeny.  They located in New Jersey; Canton, Ohio; Owasso, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; and Kenosha, Wisconsin.  It is quite likely that a number of them returned to their homeland.  Today there are still Skvarenina's in the Chicago area, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, and other places.  Some family names associated with the Skvarenina families include Bezak, Gerse, Gogola, Gulis, Korec, Minarovic and Novak.

There are currently 23 individuals with the Skvarenina surname listed in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI).  Information about most of them is available on this website.

Information on this website:

Individuals usually appear in more than one of the following links

bulletGeographical listing of Skvarenina's This page contains links to some of the Skvarenina's about whom some information is known.  Also see the SSDI list, which contains links to these and others
bulletSkvarenina's in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index), additional information about most and some with links to their SS-5 (social security application).  Also links to information about several other Skvarenina's not in the SSDI.
bulletSkvarenina's in the Ellis Island On-line Data base with links to images of manifests and other information and speculation about these individuals
bulletNEW World War I registrations:  Forms filled out by members of the Skvarenina family to register for World War I in the United States
bulletTravel documents of Anthony Skvarenina who came over in 1926, including passport, steamship ticket, and inspection certificate.  These documents provide an interesting overview of what was required to get from Europe to the US
bulletCitizenship information.  Listing of Skvarenina's known to have become citizens and images of documents.
bulletAn airman's journey in WW II.  An interesting listing of the movements of Stephen Skvarenina who was shot down over Germany and interred in Switzerland from the time he reported for training until he returned to England.
bulletListing of email addresses for Skvarenina's
bulletPhotos and Postcards from Slovakia
bullet 1930 Census Listings:  Listing of Skvarenina's in Chicago, Ohio, and Wisconsin
bullet John Skvarenina's Patent
bullet Report from the Regional Archive showing lineage of one Skvarenina family   

Links to information off this site

bulletIt's All Relative a website with lots of information about Slovakia people, customs, genealogy
bulletThe Slovak Embassy in Washington DC
bullet Instructions and link to the Slovak White Pages 
bulletSlovak GenWeb Page
bulletSearch for Skvarenina's in the US: Whitepages and Switchboard

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