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Catholic church in Shackleton, Sask.
No.39 Service Flying Training School (RAF)


From: Joyce BENNETT
Date: 17 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

John Joseph STETAR married Mabel Kathleen FALD June 15, 1936 in Eastend Sask. Is there a newspaper for that area and time? If so, is there an announcement for their wedding?


From: Joyce BENNETT
Date: 17 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

Verona STETAR (maiden name SHEVETS) died April 17, 1916 in or near Eastend Sask Is there an obituary notice for her and if so where can I obtain a copy of my grandmothers death.


From: Carole Wilcox
Date: 19 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

Looking for anyone related to Chester and Anna (HUNGNES) POTTER. Last known 1990 living in Swift Current.


From: V. Messner
Date: 28 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for information on the Grosner Cemetery in Fox Valley. I am looking for Carrie and Barbara HEILMAN, somewhere around 1920 or earlier. How could I obtain source materials.


From: Gail Kipke
Date: 28 August 1998
Email: [email protected]

Julius BERGLUND was killed in an accident in the fall of 1909 in Gull Lake, Sask. Is there a newspaper for this area and time? If so would there be an obituary for this death?


From: Jon Hillman
Date: 11 October 1998
Email: [email protected]

Am looking for info on William HILLMAN born abt 1896/7 in Swift Current area. Also his parents, William HILLMAN and Mary (WARD) HILLMAN.


From: Nina Lund
Date: 12 October 1998
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for info on my great grandpa who passed away in Braken, Saskatchewan, his name is James CULBERT. He died March 07, 1928. I would like to find out where he was born.


From: Trish Burke
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for the family of Alexander George KELLY. b.19 April 1884 Bancroft, Ontario d. 29 April 1955 in Vancouver, BC. but believed to be buried in Swift Current. Parents: Benjamin KELLY & Elizabeth FORD Wife was Elizabeth DIXON. They had 4 children: Harry, Earl, Peggy, Joyce. Married approx. 1907.

They had homesteaded in Morse (Morsetown) in 1920's. He was with Massey Harris & John Deere Companies. Also involved with Red Cross & Rotary Club. Later lived in Swift Current. He was supposed to be a local curler. My father Truman was Alexander's nephew, and would like very much to make contact with any of Alex's family.

Thank you, & looking forward to any contact. We have quite a bit of other family information.


From: Matthew Aamot
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am researching my ggrandfather's brother Gilbert AMODT [AAMOT/AAMODT]. He lived in Admiral until he passed away in 1958. Owned 1300 acres of wheatland and a Standard Oil dealership. Any possible descendants?


From: Angela Smith
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am searching info on Gordon Sidney EDDY, died in Aneroid, SK. Wife was Selma, maiden name MONSON and they had 11 children. Anything known on them would be appreciated. Thank you.


From: Stew Turner, Grand Forks BC
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for information on a Thomas Fenwick LUND. I understand that he was a minister but I am unsure what church he was affiliated with. The only information available to me is that he spent some time in Swift Current, he was born sometime around 1880-1890 and he married a Cecile Esther ASHLEY of Ontario. Any help appreciated.


From: Marsha Walker
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

A challenge to all my living cousins in Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Simmie, Neville, etc. to get in their and dig up some history!!!! I am looking for ancestors of William John MCLEOD and Christina DUNBAR - my great grandparents.

I believe that William's parents were Norman MCLEOD born Ontario 1826 died 1 Jul 1876 in Sydenham Twp. Grey County, Ontario and Christina MCMILLAN who possibly died around 1892 in Sydenham as well. I have no birth date or marriage date for Norman or his parentage and no info on Christina to date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am the grandddaughter of Olive MCLEOD and Burton BEATTIE.


From: E.G. Schellenberg
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

I would like information of my grandparents. Their names are Peter & Gertrude (WIEBE) HEINRICHS. They would have lived in the Swift Current area until 1919. I would like to know if any history has been written about them. If so, I would like an address where I could contact relatives, so I could get more information. Thank you!


From: Donald J. MacDonald
Date: January 1999
Email: [email protected]

Angus Gillis MACDONALD of Shaunavon Eastend and Swift Current, married Rose Anna (MOYER),who died in 1937.
Any information on these two individuals greatly appreciated, tracing family roots, thank you.


From: J. Forrestal
Date: 08 March 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am searching for descendants of Mrs. W. Oswald SMITH, wife of Judge SMYTH, of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Mrs. Smith/Smyth was the former Frankie HART, daughter of Moses HART of Cowansville, Quebec, CA.

The SMYTH name was also spelled SMYTHE. The HART/SMYTHE marriage took place in April 1900 in Quebec. Thank you for providing this forum for our Swift Current postings!


From: Mark Stirtzinger, Niagara Falls, ON
Date: 18 March 1999
Email: [email protected]

CAROLINE VOLK was the daughter of JULIA ANN (STIRTZINGER) and PHILIP VOLK. PHILIP VOLK may have moved to Swift Current for a period of time.

I am looking for information on CAROLINE VOLK who married EDWARD PAYNE in Bracebridge, Ontario and they apparently moved to Swift Current, Sask. around 1907 and they may have settled in Town of Neville. May be buried in Neville Cemetery. Had three children. Any information would be helpful. Thanks


From: Aysha Fizzell
Date: 22 March 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for any information anyone would have on Charles and Clara FIZZELL. They lived in Shaunavon in 1914 because that's when there son Thomas was born. That's all I know. If someone could tell how I could find more that would be great.


From: Michael Walsh
Date: 28 March 1999
Email: [email protected]

Seeking information regarding Thomas WALSH (1877-?) and Robert WALSH (1881-?) brothers both resident in Webb, Saskatchewan circa 1918.


From: Bob & Judy Garrison
Date: 09 April 1999
Email: [email protected]

Phillip HODSON, relative of Harry & Edith HODSON who lived at or near East End, Sask. Reported to have married and settled in or near Big River Sask. His children are: Shane, Michael, Lisa and Julie. Does any one know the where abouts of this family? Thank You.


From: Bonnie Kirkpatrick (in the Thimb of Michigan)
Date: 17 April 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am trying to locate anyone who has knowledge of a WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK. He homesteaded in Saskatchewan in the early 1900's I believe. Not knowing where, I have been directed to this area, on the advice of someone. If anyone knows anything about William KIRKPATRICK or his decendants please contact me by e-mail. Thank You.

Catholic church in Shackleton, Sask.

From: Robert Brezden
Date: 25 April 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for any info on a Catholic church built in Shackleton, Saskatchewan in the 1940's(?). This church was apparently built by my maternal grandfather Joseph Moise PILON. The structure no longer exists as a church, but was sold and moved to a farmstead where it now serves as a grain storage facility. Any and all info, photos, etc much appreciated.


From: Gail Findlay
Date:12 May 1999
Email: [email protected]

Agnes Jane WATSON, born in Maple Creek Sask., married German Todd FINDLAY 17 June 1907 in Maple Creek. They then moved to Windsor On. where they raised my father and his 9 brothers and sisters. I recall my Dad speaking of an Uncle George Watson, am looking for any info re: Agnes and her family. Thanks


From: Deborah
Date: 24 May 1999
Email: [email protected]

Can you suggest how I would look for the STAMNES family that lived in ROBSERT Sask, early 1900? They also used the surname of JOHNSON, and first name MUNS. It's a small community and there is no web site and there is no surname mail list for STAMNES.


From: Larry Soper
Date: 03 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

Being in Florida doing family genealogy of my family that lived in Piapot and Tompkins I have been having difficulty in finding any Internet information on my families past and I guess still lingering about.

They were Soper's (all living have left and grandparents and uncle buried in Piapot). Looking for the Ruggles and McElheron families. Have cousins in Tompkins but of no help. Anyway I would like to find marriages and deaths records for these areas.

I have a copy of the Piapot Trails that the Soper and Ruggles were named. The McElherons married Sopers, Wallins and Lechers from Tompkins. What can you advise? Thanks for the help.


From: Phyllis Burnett
Date: 08 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

Searching for any information on James Oliver TOWLES and Dolph TOWLES. Apparently James moved to Gull Lake 1909 from Green Top Missouri. Dolph was in Gull lake about 1926. Any information would be appreciated.


From: Ed Dube
Date: 18 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for any information regarding anyone who might know Moise ADAMS' family. He is from St. Francis Xavier in Manitoba. Born in 1849 and he was in Swift Current in the 1870s. He was married at White Mud River in 1872 to marie? levielle? I am doing a family tree and would appreciate any info. Thank you.


From: Linda Huss
Date: 19 June 1999
Email: [email protected]

Hi, I am looking for details on the deaths of my great great aunt and uncle Frank X. and Anna Chizen SCHORNACK who died on January 22, and February 17, 1916 in Swift Current. Their bodies were returned to Perham, Minnesota for burial but no details on their deaths were given.

Family lore is that they went after each other with butcher knives. (must have been a Long Winter.....) My great aunt was 5 when it happened and doesn't remember anything, I figured that a local paper might have a write up of their deaths which might fill in some of the details missing on this end. Any help greatly appreciated...


From: Rick Dau
Date: 06 July 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am trying to trace my great-grandmother's cousin, who was living in or near Maple Creek during the early part of this century. His name was Edward M. MOWRY. He was born in South Dakota in Nov. 1882 and was raised there.

Sometime after 1919, he and his wife Alma and daughter Vivian moved to the Maple Creek area. They had a second child named Wallace, but I do not know whether or not he was born there. Edward is shown on his brother Albert's obit from 1928 and again on his father Henry's obit from 1930 as being a resident of Maple Creek, but Edward died sometime before 1943, and I have not been able to gather any information beyond that.

I am wondering if there is a website where I can look up the names of those who've passed away in Canada over the last 70 years to see if he is listed on it. I would especially be interested in discovering burial info or any printed obituaries for Edward and/or Alma. Any help you can provide would greatly be appreciated. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


From: Brad NELSON
Date: 10 August 1999
Email: [email protected]

As a decendant of Walberg NELSON (lac Peltier sp?) south of Swift Current and Ingeborg Austring I am looking for information of Ole & Ingeborg NELSON and their ancestors. If anyone has information on the Norwegian roots (NELSON or NILSEN), please let me know. Thanks.


Date: 31 August 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for family of William Rolland LOWE. He was born March 12, 1891 in Shelby Co, OH and married Daisy BROTHNICK in Gull Lake, Dec 20, 1917. Any info would be very appreciated.


From: Lorna Kotz
Date: 07 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for information on my grandparents and any other relatives. My grandfather was James Havelock SYKES, he changed his name from Cyra to James. He owned the Sykes Piano Parlour before he moved to Keremeos. His wife's name was Jane JAMIESON and her parents were Hugh and Agnes. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


From: Wilma Smith, Brandon, MB
Date: 09 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

My family is trying to find out the location of a ranch that exists or existed in the Swift Current area. My father, David Earle SMITH, herded cattle in southwestern Saskatchewan at the Turkey Track Ranch. He began working at this ranch in the summer of 1908, when he was 15 years of age.

In the fall he returned to Ontario to go to school. He did this for several years until there was an accident where a horse fell on him and broke his leg. Any help that you could give me on this portion of our search is appreciated.


From: Cara Mumford
Date: 17 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for information on the descendants of Francois ST. DENIS, b.1787 m. Sophia LYONS. They had several children, one of whom was Pierre ST. DENIS b 1832 m Adelaide DAUPHINAIS. I believe that Pierre was an uncle to my g-g-grandmother, Eliza ST. DENIS b abt 1860 m Bernard THOMAS in 1879. Any information on Eliza's parents would be appreciated. Thanks.


From: Tim Gette
Date: 19 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for the KOENIG family. My grandmother, Elizabeth Koenig Gette emigrated to the United States from Semenovka in Russia in 1924. Her brother, John Koenig, immigrated to the town of Easten, in the Province of Saskatchewan. I am trying to trace that side of my genealogy. Thanks for any information.


From: Mary L. Curtis
Date: 27 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

Am looking for the burial site of Joseph GATSCHENE b.8 Oct. 1876 Ont. d. 28 Dec. 1929 in Gull Lake.

He was Catholic as was his whole family. He is my Grandfather. My Great Grandmother, Margaret GATSCHENE moved to Gull Lake after my Great Grandfather died in North Dakota in 1899. She lived in Gull Lake about 1911. She died there, I would like to know where she is buried.

I am also looking for any information on the GATSCHENE, VOLL, SCHNEIDER and ILLERBRUN families. If there are any living relatives still in the area of Gull Lake, Shaunavon, & Swift Current area I would like to hear from them. As I live in Texas it is very difficult to locate information in Canada. Might I suggest that this website consider putting cemetery lists and maybe census and Land Records online.


From: Shirley Vestad
Date: 28 September 1999
Email: [email protected]

My mother, Marie (Mary) Embree nee CARTER is looking for information on Beulah BUZINSKI nee CARPENTER. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


From: Valerie Severtson Evenson
Date: 28 October 1999
Email: [email protected]

Looking for any relatives of Hilda MORRISON, who resided in Robsart. Her husband's initials were A. E. Morrison. Hilda Narveson Morrison was born December 28, 1882, in Fillmore County, Minnesota, to Ronnog (Ronaug) and Gunbjorn Narveson. Hilda was a half-sister to my grandfather, Ole Severtson. She also had a brother, John Narveson.

From family obituaries, it is assumed that Hilda may have had six children--possibly, John Morrison. John Morrison resided in Robsart in 1954 and came to Peterson, MN, in Fillmore County to attend his uncle's funeral (John Narveson). Would appreciate a reply from any one who knows the whereabouts of any family members. Thank you.


From: Jennifer
Date: 24 November 1999
Email: [email protected]

My mothers family is from Swift Current and Moose Jaw the names I have are JORGENSON and BERG if you have any information at all.


From: Bill Marchant
Date: 27 November 1999
Email: [email protected]

Hello - searching for info on the ancestors of Frank Arthur NERADA, born 23-09-1910. Thank you for your help, his daughter Marilyn Claire and family will appreciate any info!


From: Frances Smith
Date: 03 December 1999
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for information on the family name of GINTHER or GINTER from Herbert Sask, just outside of Swift Current. This family parents came from Stenbach Manitoba, origanally for Prussia. Thanks.


From: Robert Lee, Barrie, Ontario
Date: 12 December 1999
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

The surname I'm reseaching is LEE in Maple Creek. I think my g-grandfather George Henry LEE and Josephine Lagimodiere where living there Auguest 1, 1905 because that was when George LEE was born in Maple Creek. They had other children that may have been born in Maple Creek. Ather, Walter, Lucie.


From: Clint Woollacott
Date: 17 December 1999
Email: [email protected]

WOOLLACOTT - Either Swift Current or Pennanthe is my grand father (deceased) all my father knows is he was adopted by the Woollacotts and we would like to find out what his real last name is. Thanks.


From: Monica Rostofer Woodworth
Date: 17 December 1999
Email: [email protected]

VADAKIN, Orrin in Maple Creek. He was known to be there from Licking Co. Ohio, USA in hopes of aquiring property through a 'Homesteaders Act'. His wifes name was Lillian Mae ROBERTS. Any info would be wonderful! Thanks in advance.


From: Darlene Johnson
Date: 20 December 1999
Email: [email protected]

My name is Darlene Johnson and I am looking up a family member by the name of Robert SMITH who was born in 1871 - 1950 and his wife is Lilly Beatrice May CARY 1875 - 1959. They moved to Swathmore Saskatchewan. I have been looking all over your links and I was wonder if you would know if Swathmore was changed to another name. My Grandfather is Stanley Leonard Smith who was born in Swathmore. Could you help me find Swathmore. Hope to hear from you soon.

Note from Swift Current GenWeb webmaster:
I've had a report that this email address for Darlene Johnson is no longer valid. In the meantime, if you want to respond to this SMITH query, contact the webmaster and I'll place your email address here (for when Darlene drops back in).

*** Darlene - please contact Elizabeth Carmichael, she has some genealogy info to share! ***


From: Rick Gebhart
Date: 26 December 1999
Email: [email protected]

William REEDY and Mary (HESS) REEDY. Moved from Traverse county, MN in 1907 to Swift Current. Mary died in swift Current in September 1917. Children: Lita, Jake, Laura, Ruth, Pearlie, Ruth, and Esther.


From: Barry Hovelson (Camrose County GenWeb coordinator)
Date: 03 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

I'm researching my mother's ancestry, in or around Gavenlock. Her father's surname was BOON. In particular, I'd like to find the name of the area of which was used on the 1901 census, in order to find them there. Would you have any ideas? The last history book of this particular area called it Merryflat. I had this book at one time but lost it in a house fire as of 1995. The ranching area is south of Maple Creek.


From: Brian Murdoch
Date: 08 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

I would like to find information on the family of Julian WUTZKE from the Rush Lake area. About 1906-1910 time period.

No.39 Service Flying Training School (RAF)

From: Keith Anthony
Date: 11 January 2000
Email: [email protected] (this email address is not valid, Keith please advise current one)

Anyone interested in photos depicting the following during 1942-43? My father was stationed at No.39 SFTS during WW2.

Key Words:
No.39 Service Flying Training School (RAF)
Rodeo 1942/43 Experimental Farm No. 39, 2nd.Ave East, Swift Current
Mr.+ACY-Mrs. Southon Lake Peleter/Stewart Valley S.S. +ACI-Tamorara+ACI-
St.Stephan's Church


From: Kerstin Erickson
Date: 11 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for info on: Arnold Edward ERICKSON born on Sept 13, 1915 in Windthorst, Canada, died on Jan 8, 1984.

Father's name was Knut Erickson born in Sweden. Arnold ERICKSON married Ethel Pearl MORGENSTERN born around 1917 in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her parents are Frederick H. MORGENSTERN (b. 1894) and wife Lydia (b. 1897) Both born in Germany.


From: Christine Thomas
Date: 12 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

I am looking for any information on a URIDGE family who emigrated to Canada in 1920 from Britian. I know that Ernest Albert Uridge, Margret Uridge and 5 children came over and eventually ended up in Alberta in 1925. Any information you may have on the where about to that date or of any Uridges living in that region now would be of big help. My uncle is not sure where everybody is and it had to put all the pieces together. Look forward to hearing from you.


From: Nancy Kirkfield Goodwin
Date: 14 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

I am searching for any "Kirkfield" in Canada. Thanks


From: Jeffery
Date: 15 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

KEARNEY, BLAKE Searching for a possible connection to my family and looking for descendants to share the fun and excitement. Seeking information from or of ancestors or descendants of John James KEARNEY born 22 DEC 1917 at Ravenscrag, Sask. Married Lois Eileen (maiden name unknown) 16 May 1947 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Passed away 21 March 1952 in Sundre, Alberta. Father George Edward KEARNEY. Mother Hilda May BLAKE. Both parents from the United States. Thank you.


From: Angela
Date: 15 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

Hi my name is Angela, I am in Saskatoon but I am looking for a Ryan CROOK(sp?) in Swift Current in regards to a dog, I am told he moved there a while back, is there any way you may be able to help me find him and his family? Is there a news paper I could publish an ad in? Thanks so much.


From: Shelly Brandstrom
Date: 16 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

BRANDSTROM, Herbert and father Olaf.

They had land in Admiral "NW quarter of Section 24 Township 8 Range 15 W of 3rd Meridan". I would like a platt map and any history for this area. The Brandstrom's were only there from 1910 - 1918. I have the homestead record, but would like more information.


From: Shirley Hammer (Wilson)
Date: 17 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

WILSON in Maple Creek area.

I am looking for and have some information on the decendents of : Ivie Templeton WILSON born March 1, 1873, Kirkcowan,Wigtownshire, Scotland. He married a Victoria CLAUSTRE and had two children: Mary and Robert. After Victoria's death he remarried a Isabella Hanning COCKRANE and had a Jean, Isabella, Ivy, Bessie and Robert.

James Moffat WILSON married to an Agnes MCCRIEDIE. Mary WILSON married to a John/Jack CUMBERLAND. James Dalryemple WILSON possible nick name Black Joc. Thankyou.


From: Dee
Date: 18 January 2000
Email: [email protected]

I'm getting desperate trying to find out information about the MURCHIE side of my family. I was wondering if you happened to have any information on Henry Murchie. He was my greatgrand fathers brother.

My greatgrand father was John E. Murchie born May 1872 they say in New Brunswick. Henry was born about 1870, they say he had a hotel in Estavan, my aunt was born there about 1903. If you have any information on this man I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.


From: M.L Currie
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002
Email: [email protected]

Hi I'm looking for info about my aunt Francis STULL, sister of Kathleen Gould Nee STULL She lived in the SWIFT CURRENT area between 1940-1953. Would appreciate any info on her including whether she married, any children & where she may eventually have moved.


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