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      Early Settlers

      Last Name First Name Birth/Death Date Cemetery Arrival Wife's Name Birth/Death Date Cemetery Children Submitted By:
      Adams Andres Submitted By:
      Adams Michael Submitted By:
      Bertsch Peter Birth: December 31, 1868 in Russia
      Death: November 24, 1941 in Tramping Lake.
      St. Michael's Cemetery May 1906 Gertrude Gutenberg May 19, 1873 in Strassburg
      Death: September 29, 1950 in Wilkie
      Katherina, Theresia, Pauline, Richarda and John. Submitted By: Bev Gutenberg
      Froehlich ~4/14/00 Joseph Born: 1888 in Mannheim, Russia.
      Died 1956 in Broadacres, Sk.
      St. Michael's Cemetery, Tramping Lake 1906 Elizabeth Halter Died 1951 St. Michael's Cemetery, Tramping Lake Sk Adam, Bill, Katharina, Tony, Joseph, Lawrence, Annie Mary, Susanna, Margaret and Elizabeth Katie. Submitted By: Maureen Axen
      Froelich ~4/14/00 Stanes (Stanislaus) Born: 1888 in Mannheim Russia
      Died: 1959 in Tramping Lake Sk.
      St. Michael's Cemetery, Tramping Lake Sk 1905 or 1906 Susanna Simon Born 1878
      Died: 1951 in Tramping Lake, Sk
      St. Michael's Cemetery, Tramping Lake Sk. Madeline, Joseph, Stanley, Rosie, Anna, Elizabeth, John, Susanna, Caroline, Theresa, Katharina and Engelbert. Submitted By: Maureen Axen
      Karl Ludwig Born: October 8, 1852 in Mannheim, Russia
      Died: June 9, 1934 in Broadacres, Sk.
      St. Peter's Cemetery, Broadacres, Sk 1906
    1. 1st: Anna Marie Knoll
    2. 2nd: Elizabeth Margaret Baumstarck
    3. 1st: Born: 1854 Died:1905
    4. 2nd: Born: 1850 Died 1930
    5. 1st: Blumenfeld ND (?)
    6. 2nd: Unknown
    7. 1st: Marion, Sebastian, Carolina, Stanislaus, Lorenz, Joseph, Mathias, Anna Maria and Maria. Submitted By: Maureen Axen
      Gutenberg Anton Born: April 3, 1880 in Strassburg
      Death: March 26, 1936 in Tramping Lake
      St. Michael's Cemetery July 1906 Theresa Zahn Born: May 9, 1883 in Kandel
      Death: February 28, 1969 in Vancouver BC.
      Unknown Annie Submitted By: Bev Gutenberg
      Halter Anton Submitted By:
      Halter Engelbert Submitted By:
      Heidt ~9/17/00 Lambert Born: 1848 in Mannheim
      Death: 1910 in Tramping Lake
      St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Arrival in 1906 from Towner ND. Laturnus, Katherina Born: 1849
      Death: 1928
      St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Ignatz, Philipp, Balthasar, Phillipine, Anna Maria and Magdalena Heidt. Submitted By: Kelly Mitchell
      Heidt ~9/17/00 Ignatz Born: 1874 in Mannheim RU
      Death: abt. 1946 in Tramping Lake Sk.
      St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Arrived in 1906 Sander, Agatha Balthasar, Lambert, Marjorie, Lizzie, Sophie, Magdelena, Jack, Agatha & Cecilia Heidt Submitted By: Angie Dimmer
      Heidt ~9/17/00 Philip Born: May 16, 1875 in Mannheim, RU
      December 10, 1955 in Tramping Lake Sk.
      St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Arrived in 1906 D/Tuchscherer, Katherine Born: November 10, 1880 in Mannheim, RU
      Death: April 1954 in Tramping Lake Sk
      St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Balthasar, Catherine, Mary, Rose, Daniel, Philip, Irene, Helen, Albert, Kasper, Frank, Joseph & Marge Heidt Submitted By: Angie Dimmer
      Hummel Philip Submitted By:
      Jahner Johannes Submitted By:
      Kraft Philip Submitted By:
      Lang Anton Submitted By:
      Laturnas Mary Submitted By:
      Lauinger ~9/17/00 Anton Born: 1849 Died: 1920 St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery May 1906 Magdalena Bartle Born: Unknown Died: Possibly in ND Unknown John, Joseph, Anton, Margaret, Mike and Paul. Submitted By: Kelly Mitchell
      Maier Lorenz Born: about 1845 in Mannheim Ru.
      Died: November 8, 1914 at Tramping Lake, Sk.
      St. Michael's Cemetery Dorothea Eberle/Eble Born: February 6, 1847 in Mannheim Ru.
      Died January 9, 1928 at Tramping Lake, Sk.
      St. Michael's Cemetery Magdalena, Adrian, Rosina, Martin, & Philip. Submitted By: Adeline Sanoy
      Maier Mrs. Joh. Submitted By:
      Reiter George Born: March 16, 1873 in Russia
      Died: February 6, 1956
      May 1906 Katherine Bjatz Born: August 20, 1876 in Russia
      Died: March 24, 1936
      Ferdinand, Anthony, Theresia and Christian. Submitted By: Bev Gutenberg
      Sahli Jakob Submitted By:
      Sander Georg Born: July 11, 1883 in Selz, Ru.
      Died: January 12, 1958 in Revenue, Sk.
      Unknown 1905 Theresa Laturnus Born: February 26, 1888
      Died: October 9, 1978 in Revenue, Sk.
      Unknown Anton, Steven, John, Fred, Marcellina, Marianna, Rosalia, Cundigunda, Ursula, George, Kasper and Edward. Submitted By: Peter Goldade
      Sander Michael Born: May 3, 1874 in Selz, Ru.
      June 27, 1949 in Wilkie, Sk.
      Unknown 1905 Magdalena Laturnus Born: July 24, 1880
      January 9, 1979 in Wilkie, Sk.
      Unknown Anton, Anton, Mary, Rosalia, Eva, Frederrick, Joseph, Katharine, Balzar, Steven, Adelbert, Michael and Andrew. Submitted By: Peter Goldade
      Schneider Peter Submitted By:
      Schwab Wendlin Submitted By:
      Senger Philip Submitted By:
      Simon Cyrillus Submitted By:
      Volk ~9/19/00 Adam Born: October 12, 1878 in Russia
      Died: October of 1957 in North Battleford.
      Unknown May 1906 Elizabeth Bleischwitz Born: February 28, 1889 in Russia
      Died October of 1981 in Kerrobert
      Unknown Mike, Wendlin, Amelia (Emma), Agatha, Andrew, Elizabeth, Frances, Julia, and John. Submitted By: Len Volk
      Volk Peter Born: March 23, 1871 in Elsass
      Died: February 10, 1927 in Tramping Lake
      St. Michael's Cemetery May 1906 Barbara Welk Born: 1877
      Died: 1952
      Unknown John, Elizabeth, Margaret, Vincent, Katherine, Phillip and Peter. Submitted By: Len Volk
      Weber Kasimir Submitted By:
      Welter Rochus Submitted By:
      Welter Andreas Submitted By:
      Weran Stephen Submitted By:
      Bleile George Submitted By:
      Bleile Joseph Submitted By:
      Bohn Sebasian Submitted By:
      Brotzel Amand Submitted By:
      Burgart Andreas Submitted By:
      D/Tuchscherer ~9/17/00 Karl Ludwig Born: 1853
      Death: August 28, 1937 in Tramping Lake Sk.
      Halter, Johanna Born: 1851
      Death: March 2, 1926
      St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Ignatz, Franz Joseph, & Stanley T/Duchscherer Submitted By: Kelly Mitchell
      Eckert Johannes Submitted By:
      Eichenlaub Johann Submitted By:
      Elder Ignatz Submitted By:
      Elder Kasper Submitted By:
      Fetsch Michael Submitted By:
      Frison John Submitted By:
      Frison Sebastian Submitted By:
      Froehlich Alfons Submitted By:
      Ganje Joseph Submitted By:
      Ganje Johannes Submitted By:
      Gerein Jakob Submitted By:
      Heidt Andreas Born: 1882 in Mannheim RU
      Death: 1953
      Arrived in 1906 Submitted By: Angie Dimmer
      Herle Jordon Submitted By:
      Hoffart Georg Submitted By:
      Jochim Georg Submitted By:
      Jochim Kasper Submitted By:
      Kraft ~9/19/00 Rochus Born: 1868
      Death: 1922
      Meier, Magdalena Born: 1871
      Death: 1957
      Rosina, Matthew/Mathias, Barbara, Dorothea Ann, Katherine, Lawrence Rochus and Peter. Submitted By: Adeline Sanoy
      Koble Konrad Submitted By:
      Lang Johannes Submitted By:
      Lang Felix Submitted By:
      Laschilier Josef Submitted By:
      Laturnus Kasper Submitted By:
      Mitzel Joseph Submitted By:
      Reiter Jakob Submitted By:
      Reiter Christian Submitted By:
      Reiter Bernhard Submitted By:
      Reiter Joseph Submitted By:
      Rissling Rochus Submitted By:
      Sander Johannes Submitted By:
      Schaan Andreas Submitted By:
      Schell Kasper Submitted By:
      Schell Joseph Submitted By:
      Schwab Andreas Submitted By:
      Simon Benedict Submitted By:
      Sitter Michael Submitted By:
      Usselmann Anton Submitted By:
      Usselmann Joseph Submitted By:
      Usselmann John Submitted By:
      Usselmann Thadeus Submitted By:
      Volk ~9/17/00 Andreas Born: October 25, 1836 in Elsass
      Died: November 15, 1926 in Tramping Lake
      Ziegler, Catherine Born: In Russia
      Death: In Russia
      Margaret, Helen, Martin, Peter, Magdalena and Anna Maria Volk Submitted By: Len Volk
      Wagner Joseph Submitted By:
      Weber Louis Submitted By:
      Weber Philip Submitted By:
      Welter John Submitted By:
      Welter Franz Submitted By:
      Zahn Paul Submitted By:
      Zahn Johannes Submitted By:

      Source: Taken from Memories of the Black Sea Germans; The Odyssey of a Pioneering People By Joseph S. Height

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