St. Joseph's Colony - Early Settlers - Leipzig

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      Leipzig Settlers

      Last Name First Name Birth/Death Date Cemetery Arrival Wife's Name Birth/Death Date Cemetery Children Submitted By:
      Gartner Joseph
      Stark Alois
      Schweda Vincent
      Miller Dominic Born: March 1867in Mannheim, Ru.
      Died: August 15, 1941 in Leipzig, Sk.
      Leipzig Community Cemetery May 1905 Magdalena Schaeffer Born: 1858 in Kandel, Ru.
      Died: September 4, 1956 in Leipzig, Sk.
      Leipzig Community Cemetery Elizabeth, Magdalena, Katherine, Berth, William, Frank, Edward, Dominic, Eva and Anna. Kelly Mitchell
      Miller Jacob Born: May 1870 in Mannheim, Ru.
      Died: September 26, 1922 in Mount Angel, Or.
      Unknown May 1905 Regina Schwab Born: October 1875 in Russia
      Died: March 3, 1952 in Oregen
      Shaw Cemetery Agatha, Anna, Katharina, Joseph, Regina, Philip, Clara, Michael, Magdalena Kelly Mitchell
      Schermann Melchior Born: April 9, 1882 in Bubendorf, Austria.
      Died: August 5, 1953.
      Unknown May 1905 Rose Leidl Born: March 2, 1889 in Fingal, ND.
      Died: June 20, 1943
      Unknown John, Mary, Margaret, Flora, Elizabeth, Joseph, Teresa, Anne, Alois, Philip, Bernard and Margaret. Kelly Mitchell
      Suchan Wenzel Born: 1876 in Russia.
      Died: September of 1967.
      UNKNOWN May 1905 Josephine Kolinsky Born: 1882
      Died: May 12, 1952
      UNKNOWN Mary, Eva, John, Jacob, Christina, Vincent, Leo, Josephine and Leona. Kelly Mitchell
      Franke ~9/24/00 August Jr. Born: June 27, 1866 in Prussia
      Died: December 8, 1936 in Leipzig Sk
      Leipzig Community Cemetery 1905 Gansmann, Anna August, Joe, Frances, Gus, Henry, Leopold, Albert, Anna, Mary, Theresa and 4 More Older Children. Submitted By: Maureen Ficek
      Franke ~9/24/00 August Sr. Born: August 1841 in Germany
      Died: November 19, 1911 in Leipzig Sk
      Leipzig Community Cemetery 1905 Bearnet, Theresa Angust Jr., Matilda, Annie, Joseph, Theresa and Charles Submitted by: Maureen Ficek
      Gerlinsky Jacob Born:
      Died: Summer of 1913
      UNKNOWN May 1905 Barbara Zeitz Born: c. 1858
      Died: June 1, 1947
      UNKNOWN Martin, Elizabeth, Barbara, Andrew, Albena, Valentine, Albert and Matilda Kelly Mitchell
      Novakowsky John Born: 1884 in Russia.
      1973 in Saskatchewan.
      Unknown May 1905 Catherine Hiebert Born:
      March 1932
      Betty, Leo, John, May, Louis, Agnes, Alfred, Rita and Clement. Kelly Mitchell
      Salewsky John 1906 Folk, Elizabeth John, Ben, Adolf, August, Hilda and Philip Salewsky
      Huber Michael Born: November 7, 1863 at Deutsch Gerisdorf in Burgenland, Austria.
      Died: December 25, 1924.
      Leipzig Community Cemetery May 1905 Rosalia Heinrich Born: November 30, 1865 at Kogl in Burgenland, Austria
      Died: October 20, 1934.
      Leipzig Community Cemetery Michael, Theresa, Joseph and Rosalia. Kelly Mitchell
      Schmidt John
      Leidl Stefan April 6, 1906 Flasch, Therese Mary, Annie and Josephine Leidl
      Reininger George
      Stohr Simon
      Nestmann Heinrich
      Metlewsky Alex 1905 Ganie, Rose
      Bittner John 1905 Ann
      Hingston John 1906
      Hingston Joe 1905
      Hingston Jim 1905
      Hingston Freke 1906
      Kaufman ~9/19/00 Jacob Born: November 10, 1858 in Glaadt, Germany
      Died: June of 1930 in Leipzig
      Leipzig Community Cemetery 1905 Maier/Meyer, Susanna Born: October 6, 1864 in Glaadt, Germany
      Died: April 28, 1925 in Leipzig
      Leipzig Community Cemetery Mary, John, Anthony, Joseph, Leo, Jacob, and Susan Kelly Mitchell
      Eberhardt Richard 1906 Emma
      Wirachowsky Jacob Died: 1917 1905 Christina John and 2 others
      Bengert ~9/19/00 Karl Born: February 27, 1867
      Died: February 20, 1948
      Leipzig Community Cemetery 1906 Bast, Elizabeth Born: February 2, 1874
      Died: July 10, 1943
      Leipzig Community Cemetery Katie, Mary Eva, Frank, Clara, Annie, Steve, Rose, Barbara, Joe and Marion Kelly Mitchell

      Source: St. Joseph's Colony 1905-1930 & Leipzig 1905-1980

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