St. Joseph's Colony - Ollenberger School

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      Ollenberger School

      Written By Bernard Kletzel
      Grosswerder and Surrounding District - Page 451

      1. The school district was organized by Phillip Ollenberger Sr., Phillip Sperling and Jacob Watchel Sr. in the early part of the 1900's.
      2. The first teacher was Alfred Mahre in 1911.
      3. Some examples of school books and their prices from Christie's Price list.
        • Wentworth's Primary Arithmetic was 50cents.
        • Royal Canadian Atlas with 48 plates was 60cents.
        • Hall & Knight's Elementary Algebra was $1.00.
        • McLean's High School Bookkeeping was 60cents.
        • School Chemistry was 50cents.
        • First Steps in English was 40cents.
      4. The school was closed after June 29, 1956.

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